BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review | April 2018

boxycharm april review

The theme for April BoxyCharm is Eye candy … this subscription is $21 a month and they send 4-6 full size beauty items. They’re usually mostly makeup items from high end and well known brands. This is my all time favorite beauty box. Additionally, they also have charms that you can earn from reviewing your items each month and for referring people to subscribe. Boxycharm usually has a wait list but as of right now there is no wait list which is the first time I’ve seen this in a while. Not a Tree Reviews paid for this subscription.

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All Boxycharm subscribers received a Colourpop palette this month – there were 6 variations. I got the one I did not want like usual. Seriously I’ve been dying to try this brand and while the formulas and pigmentation are amazing the colors were not even the brownish tones showed up pink or orange and were very deceiving. But they did blend out well – I think I just need to check out some tutorials of this palette to find a look that is right for me. All in all I was still happy to get a Colourpop palette.


Adesse Hi-Definition liquid lipstick – I really like this lippie, the formula is amazing and the doe foot applicator is so very soft and bendable so application is super easy. I was very happy with the dark-ish nude color I got, it’s really pretty on the lips.


Dr brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner Mask. That price though, but I thought this mask worked pretty well. My skin felt softer and my pores were way less noticeable and blackheads were less visible (were they actually gone?) I read many complaints of the smell, people compared it to the old school perm smell. I did not get that scent at all – to me it smelled like menthol and a little chemically, but whatever the smell it worked for me..


Tarte Trateist Pro-Glow in Stunner. I’m usually not into liquid highlighter but this one is the bomb, I love it. It blends seamlessly and that is usually my problem. I really, really like this highlighter.


The BrowGal, The Instatint unfortunately I got this in the shade “light hair 03” so I can’t use this for myself but, I have a blonde daughter so I tried it on her to see how it works and it seems really good. It’s an all in one brow tint and I guess it has little fibers in it too so it filled in her brow and looked very natural. All with one product and one step. I wish I had gotten the dark brown color so I could use it on myself.

Nicole’s Notes:

As usual BoxyCharm knocked it out of the park again this month. Every month they go, above and beyond although there were 2 products I was not fond of or just could not use the retail value of this months box is $131 which is crazy for a $21 box. I only wish that Boxy would take peoples profiles into account when sending items for brows or skin to make sure we get stuff that we can use or to match our hair / skin colors. But still this box is awesome and continues to be each and every month if you are interested in checking out Boxycharm now is the time with the wait list lifted so click the link below so you can get awesome items like these every month.

BoxyCharm Site

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