Stone Tree LLC Subscription Box Review | April 2018

stone tree subscription review

The stone tree LLC is a monthly spiritual subscription box, they have 3 different boxes to choose from; the Animal box, Astrology box, and the Healing box which is the box I am reviewing. All three boxes are $34.99 a month. The Healing Box contains items to help with spiritual and mental healing like candles, crystals, incense, and bath and body products as well. We received this box at no cost in exchange for our review. This is a review of the April Healing Box for $34.99

The April Box was full of wonderful items that smell divine.

This jasmine scented handmade soy candle is in a pretty frosted geometric glass. This candle did not really have much of a scent at all until I lit it and the smell is still very delicate. I put it in my bathroom with the door closed and it did make for a lightly floral scent that filled the room, but I don’t think that it has enough of a scent throw to fill a larger room which is okay with me – it’s the perfect bathroom scent.

There was also a geode style bath bomb. Now this is wonderfully fragrant, it’s made with jasmine and I love it. With only a few all natural ingredients this bath bomb is safe for even my kids which is great because they all fight over every bath bomb I get. I rarely ever get to enjoy one myself my son already claimed this one because it’s blue.

We also received a handmade roll-on with coconut oil, jasmine, lavender, and other natural ingredients to help soothe anxiety and increase happiness. I love roll on oils, my daughter suffers from anxiety and she likes to keep one in her backpack for school. They really help her when she concentrates on inhaling the scent and lets the worries fade.

I love this adorable little guy! He came with a little piece of his trunk broke but hes so small no one probably noticed. He’s only about 3/4 of an inch long. This elephant is meant to be a lucky charm that you can carry with you when facing a challenge by helping bring you confidence and good luck. This guy looks to be hand carved soapstone, there is a lot of detail on him. I really appreciate the work that goes into carving anything especially stone. It takes a lot of patience and artistic ability to do work like this. I am happy to add him to my collection of crystals and little figures.

Tiger’s Eye stone “stone of confidence” is said to bring luck and help one deal with life’s struggles and regain willpower. This stone is also associated with the sacred and solar Plexus chakras. My stone and crystal collection is getting pretty large, I love finding out about all the properties and capabilities of the different stones and crystals. This one is really a good size about 1″ and a welcome addition to my ever-growing collection.

I have gotten so many different scents in different subscriptions and I have never gotten sandalwood. I really liked this smell – it was not as overwhelming as some incense can be. It was very earthy and natural smelling We only got 1 in the box but I am very happy to have gotten it and I will be buying more of these cones.

My favorite item in the box is this handmade lavender soap with goats milk and lavender seeds. I love the care that was put into just the packaging, there is even a little crystal attached to it so I imagine that the same care was put into making the soap. It has a “real” lavender scent that I love I’m not into the fake perfume-y lavender smells, this one is perfect.

Nicole’s Notes:

I really liked this box, all the items inside are items that I can actually use. I already used quite a few items. With most of the items being handmade I cannot put a retail value on the box but from personal experience handmade items tend to be higher quality with  natural ingredients and I enjoy getting these products in boxes. They also list an ingredient list for the products which is very nice when getting bath or body products for allergy issues. Usually there only listed for food items. I would love to check out their other boxes as well. If you would like to check out Stone Tree click the link below. Thanks for reading our review.

Stone Tree LLC

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