Arctify Review & First T-shirt for $1 | April 2018

arctify review

Arctify is a Marvel T-shirt subscription that sends exclusive marvel shirts each month for only $9. Not a tree paid for this subscription. Each month on their site they have a spoiler of the theme of the shirt for that month, this is the review for April’s shirt and the theme for this month is Thanos. They send every subscriber the same shirt each month and they come in men’s sizes. I ordered a medium and it fits me perfectly. We are huge marvel fans in my house so when we found this company we had to try them out and as you will see they are a top notch T-shirt subscription – so without further ao I bring you April’s Arctify shirt!

Thanos is the character this month, and this shirt is so cool. I love the illustration of his Infinity gauntlet with the superhero typographic, it is a really neat concept. Thanos first appeared in the Iron-Man comics in 1973 and then more recently in the 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy movie where he is introduced as Gamora & Nebula’s adoptive father. He is also in the new Infinity War movie. I love the quality of Arctify’s shirts I’ve gotten a lot of t-shirts in subscriptions but these are special because they are all exclusive and high quality. They usually always have a design on the front and somewhere else on the shirt as well, like the sleeve or back of the neck, and every shirt I’ve gotten is super soft cotton that does not shrink in the dryer. I usually hang these to dry as to prevent shrinking or the design from fading but I put my shirt from last month in the dryer accidentally and it came out perfectly fine.

In a closer view you can see the words Infinity War Ruthless, infinite power, ect. The copper of the gauntlet with the color of the gems looks really cool against the text. I’m 38 and I wear marvel and other shirts like these every day, I love them and get quite a lot of compliments on some of the exclusives I have. Point being you’re never too old to wear a batman or other superhero shirt, plus my 5 year old son thinks I am super cool because I love the same shirts he does.

I really like the color this month. It is like a dark cobalt blue but they kind of mixed shades like heather grey in to. The fabric is a slub-cotton blend – slub is a process of weaving the cotton, it leaves bumps or texture that result in a unique airy fabric. You can see the shade better in the close ups. But here is the back and this month the graphic is on the back of the neck.

Thanos’ mighty gauntlet. Also here you can see the color better, this is a really nice light and soft fabric which is perfect for summer months.

Nicole’s Notes:

This is a great t-shirt subscription it’s only $9 and they guarantee that you will never see their shirts for sale in any store, they are all exclusive designs. I do feel that this sub is quite a bit better that other shirt subs I’ve gotten. The quality is great and the price is affordable. Right now actually you can get your first month for only $1 if you use code: ONEDOLLAR at checkout. I need to have a shirt subscription in my life and after trying them all this is the one I chose. Other company’s have profiles that you fill out to inform them of you likes and dislikes¬† and they send different shirts to their subscribers each month based on that, Arctify does not have that option because they send all Marvel shirts (which were always my favorite from other boxes) but I still think the quality and customer service is great. If you are a marvel fan and want a super affordable new t-shirt each month click the link below, you can try them for a dollar so now is the time to do it. Next months theme is Deadpool and he is the bomb. Thanks for reading our review.

Arctify Marvel Tee Subscription.

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