Umshik Snack Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | April 2018

umshik box review

Umshik is a monthly or seasonal Korean snack subscription box. There are two different options; the Snack Box which contains 3-4 POUNDS of snacks (about 35 in total). A mix of savory, spicy and occasionally some ramen. These boxes whether monthly or quarterly are $44.95. The Ramyun Box is a curated box of 7-10 noodles. You’ll receive items like soba, ramen and udon. These boxes whether monthly or quarterly are $34.95. Today we’re reviewing the snack box.

*product was received free for review

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in the umshik box

Our first glimpse inside the Umshik Box

what's in the umshik box

Here’s everything that we received in our April Umshik Korean Snack Subscription Box. They were not kidding, this box is full of goodies! And in case you were wondering… Umshik literally translates the word food.


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert

Everything included in this month’s box is listed here along with brief descriptions. They also tell us about this month’s featured flavors and bonus items.


Green Tea Sheet Mask

This bonus item was included because they are routinely used in a lot of K-drama shows. Umshik wanted to share them with us – you guys know how much we love skincare products so we’ll definitely be giving this a try (and we absolutely love green tea in skincare products). They even included some instructions on how to use in our insert.


Spicy Crab Crackers

These yummy crackers are flavored the same way spicy seafood ramen is. The best part was that we didn’t have to share these with the kids because they thought they were too spicy!

They even looked like little crabs! We were really impressed with the size of this bag!


Grand Shell Cookies

We received 2 of these Grand Shell Cookies. These are a little bit like fruit pies with their soft outer cookie and sweet blueberry fruit filling. These will make a great addition to your child’s lunchbox (our kids loved them)


Mini Churros

The first time we’d seen mini churros introduced as a K-snack we were completely baffled but Umshik explains it pretty well. These are a popular treat in K-town LA (which also influences Korea). These have all the delicious sweet cinnamon notes you’d expect in a churro and this bag is quite generous


Peanut Butter Sticks

We don’t have a lot of information on these little wafer sticks filled with peanut butter, they weren’t on our insert. We can tell you though, that these were a huge hit in our house!


Real Grain Sand Cookie

We received 2 packages (4 cookies in total) of these whole grain sand cookies. This healthy alternative to the classic sand cookie is great to keep in your purse for a quick midday pick me up!


Vegetable Crackers

We are much more into savory snacks (which makes these boxes perfect for our whole family, kids love the sweet and we love the savory). These crackers are rich and buttery and have a mild onion and garlic flavor.

We enjoyed these while watching TV. We love their mini size!


Waffle Mate

These mini waffles are great to eat by themselves or add to ice cream or some other dessert food! We had never seen or heard of these before but … we’re kind of addicted

There were a total of 6 waffles included in this box (and yes… we shared)


Diget Chocolate Cookies

We haven’t had a chance to try these yet but we’re thinking they are bit like “digestive cookies”? These crisp cookies are made with 10% whole grains and dipped in chocolate… sounds mighty delicious if you ask us!


Non-Fried Noodle Soup

YAS! Instant noodles are our jam! These are made with dried anchovy broth for a salty flavor. These weren’t on our insert so we’ll just have to taste them and try them out (which we are not complaining about!)


Chilsung Cider

This little can may be called but cider but inside is a lemon lime flavored soda. This is from Lotte and the can reminds us a bit (the size at least) of Red Bull.


Choco Pick

Kind of like pocky – these skinny cookies are coated in chocolate. The package is really cute too.. the kids love these! These are great to give out as a special treat!


Punggi Red Ginseng Jelly

We received 2 of these small jellied candies. The flavor of both is a red ginseng infusion. We had never had anything ginseng flavored and have to admit it was a really interesting taste – kind of like mild cinnamon and curry? Pretty dang good!


Green Grape Candy

We received 3 of these hard candies that are flavored with fresh green grape. A great spring and summer flavor!


Plum Candy

Our final item in this box are these 3 plum candies. This is another summer flavor that makes us yearn for warm sunny days! We like to keep hard candies and gum in our car for while we’re driving!


K-pop Cards

Another bonus item in this box are these K-pop photo cards of the pop bands Twice and BTS

These can be used as gift tags because they have a to and from label on the back.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The Umshik Box is a fun way to get an authentic mix of Korean snacks or noodles delivered right to your door monthly or seasonally. The presentation is awesome – everything is packaged really well and arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome, we love how authentic everything is. And curation is fantastic – this box contains a huge assortment of different snacks. We love the mix of both sweet and savory and the instant noodles are a great addition as well!


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