The Rock Box Subscription Review | May 2018

the rock box review

The Rock Box is a rock music subscription box that sends a quality t-shirt and 3-4 mystery items each month for $32.99 with free U.S shipping. The mystery items can be things like keychains, stickers, koozies and other killer Rock n’ Roll swag. This is my first time reviewing this box which was sent to us at no cost for review.

April 2018 The Rock Box

So first off I have to mention that Def Leppard was one of my favorite bands in the 80’s and I have a lot of their music downloaded on my phone today. So I was so happy to get this t-shirt which is a  quality shirt, it’s very well made and the decal is nice too it’s not like an iron on where it feels like plastic or rubber, it feels like part of the fabric and I like that very much.

AC-DC Bottle Cap Bottle Opener Keychain: I love that this bottle opener is a bottle cap, how neat is that? This keychain has some weight to it, it is very nicely made and heavy-duty.

We got another keychain too, this Pink Floyd one is a lighter weight chrome and the writing is etched into the metal so again this is also very high quality. Keychains usually take a beating and these two seem like they will last longer than the car the keys go to.

Misfits Decal: This is a big decal, it’s about 5 inches long and nice and thick with the infamous Misfits skull logo. This is a very well made decal, it is perfect for your car, laptop or anywhere you would like to put it.

And lastly, we have a 2 disc Metallica Hard-Wired CD set. This was released in 2016 and has 12 new songs on it. I have not heard most of these songs but Metallica being one of the most iconic Rock Bands of all time I imagine that they must be good. I was very surprised to see this CD set in the box it’s a very cool item to include. I can’t wait to listen to this a little more, I skimmed through it but that was all so far.

Nicole’s Notes:

I love 80’s hair bands, actually I like most music from the late 80’s and 90’s so I enjoyed every item I got in this box. The only thing in my opinion that could have made it better is if we got a CD from that time period but hey everything is still awesome that we received. This is the first box that I have seen like this and I really like the idea of a Rock Box. I have seen their past boxes and they were awesome too. I can’t wait to see what they put in future boxes. If you are interested in checking out this rockin subscription click the link below.

The Rock Box

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