Toki Box Subscription Review & Coupon | May 2018

toki box review

Toki Box is a monthly subscription of ethically sourced luxury products from around the world. They send items like skin care and superfoods as well as accessories. Each box contains 7-9 full and travel sized products that are cruelty-free and luxurious.  Boxes ship every month for $44.99 and subscriptions renew on the 21st. We were sent this box and no cost for review.

Our May box was packed to the brim with wonderful goodies.

Mahalo Bar by Go Max Go Foods– Wow! This was so so good, it’s full of coconut and almonds covered in a chocolate covering. This bar is completely plant-based and ethically sourced and did I mention delicious. This company’s mission is to bring life to the snacks we loved as kids. These are made in Arizona

Foods Alive Chocolate Macaroon- You would never be able to guess that this has reishi mushrooms and so many other superfoods just by tasting it. It tastes like a macaroon cracker, it’s very light and sweet and delicious too. I love these snacks so very much, they make it easy to eat healthily. These are also all plant-based and made in Michigan.

Nimbor Drinking Cocoa- This cocoa is plant-based as well and tasted like any other hot chocolate that I have had. This can be prepared hot or cold too. Nimbor was started by a woman in her kitchen in NYC to make amazing tasting good for you foods and she has succeeded because this is just so good! We had it hot, my 2 daughters and I sampled it and we all loved it.

Amore Lee Facial Spray- This spray is made with all natural ingredients and has many uses like anti-wrinkle, acne prevention, and hydration all in a lovely smelling spray. I love that there are so few ingredients and that the ones in this spray are great for your skin. Also, these are made to order from Canada so you know that your product is fresh.

Tiani Body Lotion with Rose + Geranium- This lotion is made with farm fresh ingredients in Michigan. The founder Violet Tiani developed a special technique that preserves all the natural properties of her skin care products.

Memoringa Beauty Drink- Made on the south coast of Kenya this tea is meant to benefit your skin and natural beauty. Tt’s made with moringa powder and has vitamins and minerals necessary for collagen formation. You can also use this tea on your hair after washing which is very intriguing to me and something I will try.

We also got this beautiful gold-tone half moon barette with a hanging crystal. This is not on the product card but a very welcome gift. My daughter absolutely loves crystals and she actually has this same barette in silver so she was super happy to get another one.

Another surprise item is this nugg deep cleansing face mask. I am obsessed with face masks but I have never tried this brand before so I am happy to be able to try it. Made with cucumber and jojoba I imagine it will work very well.

Nicole’s Notes:

I was really impressed with this box I was able to try (and enjoy) a few new healthy snacks that I will definitely be buying. The skin care products were really great too, I do like products like these that are made with all natural ingredients. The product card has the origin of each product as well, so that’s another neat thing about this box. Everything was packed very well, not a thing was disturbed during shipping which is always a plus. If you are interested in checking out Toki Box click the link below and add the promo: NOTATREE at checkout for 15% off your box.

Toki Box

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  2. Beatye A Mitchell

    just got my first box today. I can, without hesitation, tell you how much love and thoughtfulness was put in this box. it is worth every penny. I love this box.

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