Le Petit Monde Subscription Box Review & Exclusive Coupon | April 2018

Le Petit Monde is such a beautiful and one of a kind subscription. Each month they curate a box around a theme from around the world and these boxes are full of gorgeous, hand chosen, art pieces. The pieces that they include are crafted by artisans from every part of the globe. They travel around the world to find the perfect pieces as well as coffees to send to subscribers each month. This month the theme was Cuba, we received a beautifully written letter about their experiences in Cuba and how they came to choose each item. Monthly subscriptions are $45 . Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes. This is the review of the April box, which represents Spring, the season of new beginnings in life and renewal. Use code NATR10 to get 10% OFF your order

I was so amazed by all the gorgeous pieces that came in this box. I have never gotten a box like this, everything is wonderful.

Handcrafted wooden figures.

They were crafted with so much detail!

All of her limbs are moveable and her maracas are adorable.

We got a man as well.

These figures are about 10″ high.

I especially like his hat.

These handcrafted wooden figures represent the love, joy, happiness, and life in Cuba. Music and dance are a large part of Cuba’s culture and these were included in this month’s box to remind us to stop and smile, love, and laugh. I love these figures, the decor in my living room has a lot of African animals and art and although these are Cuban figures they go perfectly with all my other pieces.

 A Cuban city street magnet

This wooden magnet is 2″X4″ and the detail is amazing I don’t know a lot about this piece because it is not on our info letter and is obviously not a mass-produced item that I could find online. But I can say that it is a really nice lightweight magnet that is cool. My late father was a lover of old cars and had an orange 57 Chevy so this little magnet has a lot of meaning to me.

Cuba is a huge resource for coffee and has been for over 200 years. Traditional Cuban coffee is dark roasted like espresso. We got some delicious espresso from Cuba and boy was I excited to try this coffee. It didn’t disappoint. I love all dark coffee but it sometimes can be quite bitter this was not bitter at all to me, the best espresso I’ve ever had and what better way to enjoy espresso than in a traditional Cuban espresso cup…….

I have to admit I did feel pretty fancy drinking my espresso from my perfect little cups. These cups were handcrafted and painted in Cuba and they are just so cute.

This hand-painted plate is a beautiful portrait that can be used for so many things, like on a desk to collect tiny tacks or paperclips. or it can be hung on the wall. These plates were hand painted by a Cuban woman who sits in the front of her home painting them to support her family of five.

More amazing items! These handmade salad spoons and matching trivet all are carved with bird figures. In Cuba birds represent possibilities, perspective, and vision. These are so stunning you can just picture someone sitting and taking their time to carve out these wonderful birds taking so much patience to be precise because the spoons are identical. I was honored to receive these pieces and to be able to display them in my kitchen. I feel blessed to have the beauty of all of these pieces in my home.

The included letter is about the traveler that went to Cuba to discover all these items and the stories of how he came upon each one. This is by far the best info sheet I have even gotten, it’s so much more than that.

Nicole’s Notes:

This box is amazing, I was seriously in shock at all the items that I got and the quality and beauty of each one. Also getting the background on them was special as well. I have never reviewed a home decor box quite like this and I am in love with everything. This truly is one of the best subscription boxes I have ever gotten, the pieces I received were things I would never have the opportunity to purchase for myself and I am very grateful. If you are interested in Le Petie Monde click the link below and add promo NATR10 to get 10% off your order.

Le Petit Monde

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