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Sha Mama Rising Subscription Box Review | May 2018

shamama box review

 This subscription box is a Shamanic-inspired self-care box for moms. It includes 3-5 full sized artisanal plant-based products like sleep aids, body oils, and other products. We received this box at no cost for review purposes, the monthly price is $57.99 a month and we are reviewing the May box.

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Our May Box

“Sex Dust” Moon Juice

This is a single-use packet of sex dust by moon juice. It is meant to relieve daily stress and help to promote creativeness in and out of the bedroom. I noticed quite a few of the ingredients have proved to have aphrodisiac effects.

Warming Body Oil by: Bello body.

This body oil is made with all natural plant-based ingredients. This is to be used after a bath while your skin is still wet to help skin stay moisturized. I used this after my shower and my skin did feel quite soft – I am not a huge fan of greasy/oily skin but it did seem to soak in for the most part. I would not use this for a morning shower because I think it would feel too oily under clothes. All and all, it was an enjoyable product.

Deep Sleep Tincture

This tincture was made by Grateful Desert and is all plant-based as well as of the products included. I was excited to try this, I do have trouble sleeping but I could not handle the strong taste. A friend of mine who loves holistic products like these said that it really helped her relax and she felt like she fell asleep faster than normal.

Holy Smoke Aromatherapy is another product from Grateful Desert. This is intended to give you the same negative energy clearing effects that you get from smoke and smudging without the smoke (if you’re sensitive to it). This includes Palo Santo Wood essential oil. It does not smell like any aromatherapy that I have ever smelled – I’m not a huge fan myself but can see it’s practical uses.

Sweet Lovin Essences Bright Spark

This tasted very mild and sweet like uncured maple syrup. I liked this very much, I do not know that I felt any different but this contains all natural plant-based ingredients, that are good for our bodies.

Nicole’s Notes:

I think that this box was great for moms who are into all natural items like these. I however, am not familiar with many of the products so it was kind of out of my comfort zone. I did enjoy trying these new things and really like the body oil. I think a lot of people will appreciate the high-quality products that are included in this subscription. If you would like to check out Sha Mama Rising click the link below, thanks for reading our review.

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