TOLAAP Subscription Box Review and Coupon | May 2018

TOLAAP is a monthly subscription box filled with so many different wonderful items. It’s a mix between a lifestyle box and bath and body box. Subscriptions are $30 a month and I could not believe the number of items that came inside. This review is for the May box which was sent to us at no cost for review. TOLAAP collaborates with local small business owners to get amazing artisan items for their boxes as well as donating 5% to local animal shelters.

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First up we have this plaid make-up bag which is a great size. Makeup bags tend to be fairly small but this bag is one that you could put all of your make up in while going on vacation or for a longer stay. It has a drawstring top that can be tied to keep everything secure.

We got an adorable tea towel, I get quite a few towels like these in boxes and I use them as face towels because they are very soft and I need to have a few towels and washcloths that are just for me to use on my face. This towel is very well made and goes with many different decor styles being plain white with just a few blue stripes.

This greeting card is blank on the inside so it can be used for a variety of holidays or occasions. It looks handmade or stamped and would be perfect as a thank you note or a mothers day card. I appreciate getting cards like these because I save them all and have not had to buy a greeting card in a long time.

“I love my family” change purse – this is such a cute little bag for coins, insurance or credit cards, and even lip balm and tiny tubes of lotion or whatever you would like to put inside. The yellow half mandala is so pretty, I really like this a lot.

Goats Milk Soap by; Enspired: I really like all natural,  bath and body products for my children because they have such sensitive skin. This soap is made with goats milk, clay, and organic oats. I have not opened it yet because we use them as needed and I opened a new soap a few days ago but I can smell it through the package and it has a very light sweet scent, it’s very enjoyable.

Also by Enspired we received this super salve skin repair. This only contains 5 all-natural ingredients that are good for the skin. My son has skinned his knee the day before yesterday and I put some of this on the cut because it was really superficial and it looked so much better today when I took the band-aid off, I like this salve, I try to avoid things with harsh chemicals for my kids and this is a perfect alternative.

I love these bath salts, they smell exactly like a creamsicle and make the bath smell wonderful. My daughters and I are all really sensitive when it comes to any bubble bath or bombs and salts but this stuff was great and did not bother us whatsoever and the glass milk bottle is the perfect vessel for it.

This makeup remover works so well! It removed my eye makeup with such ease – I was surprised. This is my new go-to cleaner before cleansing.

I love mason jar candles and its a nice change because we usually get candles in a little tin that are a lot smaller too. This candle smells so clean I love it, the scent filled my entire (large)  bedroom in about an hour. Definitely my new favorite candle.

We also got another handmade soap, this one is linen oatmeal. I love when things come looking rustic like this. It has a nice faint scent to it, but the packaging is so nice that it is on my bathroom vanity in the “Too pretty to use basket”.

Magnetic note pad

Is this not the cutest notepad that you have ever seen? It has a magnetic closure and the cute little Frenchy on every page. The pen is very pretty too, the gold accents make this a perfect duo for writing notes on-the-go.

Hippie Chick roll-on perfume by Enspired: This smells wonderful and came in this cute drawstring canvas bag. I like the smell and think this is the perfect size to keep in my purse.

Last but not least we got a lip balm. These are a hot commodity in my house with 3 girls we go through these like crazy.

Nicole’s Notes:

TOLAAP (Two Old Ladies And A Plan) is an amazing box. I could not believe the number of items that were inside and these are all things that we will use. I love how these are products made all naturally by small businesses. $30 is just an amazing price for all these products – it really is a steal. There is no way that all this stuff could be purchased for this price and they donate to their local animal shelter. All and all this is a wonderful subscription box and one I think everyone needs to check out! Click the link below to go straight to their site and enter code NIC518 at checkout for 15% off.

TOLAAP on Cratejoy

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