little global citizens review

Little Global Citizens Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | May 2018

little global citizens review

Little Global Citizens is a monthly subscription that takes children on a global adventure – with each box bringing a new country. Boxes will include cultural books, toys, crafts and activities that hone in on the elements of the region. Boxes are directed by a Montessori educator for kids agesd 3-7. This subscription is the brain child of a Mom and Dad team that wanted to share their love of travel with their child and we think it’s awesome. Subscriptions are $38.95 monthly with reduced prices for longer terms and the option to add a “Sibling Add-On”. Use code NOTATREE15 for 15% OFF. You can purchase their Kenya box for June through next week!

*product was received free for review

Our first glimpse inside the Little Global Citizens Box

Everything that we received in our “Thailand” themed box. Thailand is really special to us – our stepmom is from the capitol of Thailand, Bangkok!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts

The adult’s insert explains the contents of the package and how to use them. It also has some fun facts about Thailand!

The children’s insert has a letter from a girl in Thailand. This is AWESOME. Belle actually wanted to write her back! We think this is important because while it outlines the differences in culture it also highlights the similarities in life and children in general!


Our first items were these Garuda coloring sheets. This birdlike creature is the national emblem of Thailand.

We received 5 sheets which was enough for all the kids to participate! Here are their creations!


We also received a sheet with information about mealtime in Thailand. This is really important because food and mealtime is a thing that children will connect with without fail. Understanding the differences in meal structure and diet are eye opening but also intriguing!


And there is a recipe on the reverse for Mango Sticky Rice which is stinkin’ phenomenal if you ask us.


Our favorite item included in this box is this small TukTuk collectible. A tuktuk is a rickshaw or bike carriage. This one is colorful and comes from Thailand so we shall cherish it!


This craft encourages children to color in the Thai flag and then send it off! We think this is super cool – we’ll be sending these to our Stepmom! Again this packet contained 5 flags to color. We think this subscription would be great for not just parents but also daycare providers!

Belle’s flag


This coconut lemongrass lollilpop brings out the flavors of Thailand in a sweet gourmet style! We added this to our weekly rewards pool. Our kids are vying for it right now… how bad is it that we want it for ourselves? We love lemongrass!


The Songkran Festival is a celebration of the Thai New Year (which occurs in April). They celebrate for three days with water battles! Little Global Citizens has devised a game that allows children to celebrate the festival in a more “supervised” manner!

In our packet we receive 5 balloons, 4 clothespins and twine.

First we put the water in our balloons

Then we string them up. This was the highest place we had available outside.

Then we let the kids have fun trying to pop them. It’s harder than it looks and it taught them to be precise! They had a blast!


The next activity is a rubber band game- which is a traditional game passed down through generations and is an opportunity to share a fun time with your family while also reinforcing gross motor skills and cause and effect in young children

In this packet we received different sized rubber bands


Our favorite craft in this package is the Hanging Elephant Garland which teaches children the significance of elephants in Thai culture while also giving them hands on fun.

In this packet we received 4 wooden elephants, a paintbrush, paints and a pack of sequins and poms

We let Belle design to her hearts delight

Here she is painting!

She did however, ask us to join her in the painting and we have to say that we had tons of fun. After we painted these we strung them up and hung them in her bedroom!


Toy is from Thailand is a story by Whitney Badgett. Toy takes children on a cultural tour of Thailand. We love the idea that this book really immerses children in the life of a child in Thailand. Expanding their bubble in a way and making them see that life isn’t just what they see in their own day to day.

The pictures are engaging and the story is informative. What else could you ask for?

And it’s signed! How cool is that?


Our final activity is creating a clay lotus flower. Standing for purity and spirit these pink flowers can be found all over Thailand.

In this pack we received air dry clay, a paint brush and a tealight candle

First we roll out our clay to a 1/4 inch

The we cut out 8 wide triangles using our paintbrush

Place them in a bowl that has been prepped with cling wrap.

And then add a circular center for the base of the flower. Allow to dry for 24 hours and then decorate and use as a candle holder. Want to see our finished product? Check out our IG Stories.


So in summary


We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Little Global Citizens Box is a great way to teach your children about the world without ever having to leave your house. We know how hard it can be traveling with littles… and this box gives you a way to share traveling experiences without the hassle. The presentation is great. We love how they group each craft together and everything is packaged perfectly. The quality is awesome. We love the cute crafts and think the book and tuktuk toy were absolutely excellent additions to this box. Curation is fantastic. We felt like they covered this culture perfectly for children. It’s a broad sense of what a day in the life of a Thai child is like and we wouldn’t change a thing!


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