yardley soap review

Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy “Me Time” | Featuring Yardley London

yardley soap review

As a Mom the hardest thing sometimes to justify and even to attempt to make time for … is yourself. At our “salty dog” stage of motherhood we are no strangers to taking a time out though and we suggest to new Moms not to forget that “me time” for Mom may make or break your sanity! In this post we’ll be sharing with you guys our absolute favorite ways to de-stress and relax!

*yardley soap received free for review

So our very first thing we love to do – and if you’ve read this blog for any period of time you already know, is hot baths. We love sitting a warm bath (preferably loaded with bath salts and or bath bombs) and a nice bar of English Lavender Soap. The bath salts help to replenish Magnesium in your body which helps relax muscles and melt away stress. The lavender soap is a soothing and calming scent that helps you forget your cares (even if it’s for just 10 minutes or so)!


We have tried three of their scents though – the other two being the; “Creamy Coconut” for ultimate hydration and “Oatmeal and Almond” for a gentle exfoliation. Both of which were phenomenal. And considering Yardley has been around since 1770 it should make sense that they know what they’re doing when it comes to soap!


Our second runner up for our favorite “Me Time” rituals is watching Youtube videos! This may sound silly but hear us out. You can watch them anywhere on your phone… which means me time can be absolutely anywhere. Another great reason we love YT is that the videos are typically about 10 – 15 minutes which is realistic in terms of relaxing and de-stressing. If you’d like to know our favorite Youtubers – ask in the comments below!


Our final favorite “Me Time” ritual is taking long drives. Maybe we have a destination in mind but maybe not. Each drive is about you focusing on the road with minimal distractions. Maybe there’s music playing but for the most part you are alone with your thoughts!


Are you in need of me time? Take some time out for you and start by grabbing yourself all the ingredients for a hot bath and soaking the stress away!


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