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We have tried countless ways to kick our curb appeal up a notch but with kids and life… it just is so hard to keep up with. We basically mow, prune and dream about all the plants we’d like to grow, but live plants die and trees and shrubs need maintenance. With 4 kids.. that can be a lot more pressure than you’d like. So maybe we just needed a pop of color from some artificial plants?! Our front door seemed like a logical place to make a bold statement so we went with a wreath from Commercial Silk Int’l. Use code BLOGGER10 for 10% OFF your purchase!

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Commercial Silk Int’l offers a HUGE variety of products – from artificial trees for indoors and shrubs for outdoors to the largest selection of wreaths we’ve ever seen! Believe us because it was so hard to decide which one to choose. In the end we chose this gorgeous lavender wreath because it is applicable in all seasons and perfect for in between holidays!

The plants look authentic and the purple blooms are stunning. We were torn when we had to choose (there was a gorgeous cherry blossom) but we do not regret this wreath at all. It’s the perfect addition to our front door.

The back of the wreath is woven – and makes an incredibly durable ring. This can withstand weather and there were 2 in the package (as is the case with many of the wreaths). So you can put one on your front door and one on your back! This particular wreath set was $100.99.

Here it is on our door! We are absolutely in love with this wreath and the way our home looks from the outside. This wreath really did a great job of pulling everything together. We’ve found that the best way to make your space look unique and stand out is to decorate it with different plants and flowers that you like. They bring out your own personality while also lending it elements of nature. Whether they’re real or artificial – adding some flora is always awesome!


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