surprz review

Surprz Sticker Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2018

surprz review

Surprz is a monthly personalized sticker subscription perfect for people that love to plan or just love to embellish their life with stickers. Upon subscribing you’ll let Surprz know what you look like, your favorite color and your best friends name and they’ll send you a package! Choose between the “Planner Pack” and the “For All Ages” pack. Subscriptions are $19.95 monthly. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

what's in the surprz

Everything that we received in our Surprz Sticker Package. There are sooo many stickers and they’re all adorable!


So what is all this stuff?

Our insert that tells us about their referral program


This sheet of 6 circular stickers makes a perfect may to decorate your May planner page. Your avatar will change both clothes and hairstyles often which we think is cute!


Our second sheet has different colored hearts with geometric patterns drawn inside them as well floral patterns. Our favorites on this sheet are the pink geometric hearts.


The next sheet is half full of our avatar in several variations as well as these really cool motivating stickers. These are great for starting your day while you look through your plans and the fact that they are personalized makes them even better!


This next sheet shows our avatar using popular internet acronyms which we find particularly funny.


This little packet contains 10 loose floral stickers which you could use in your planner but you can also use anywhere! These are really pretty.


This next set of 5 stickers is colorful and fun and makes a great accent to the notes section of any planner. We like how the many styles give you so many different options!


This set has gold glitter stickers. These pair beautifully with all the other stickers included and we love the different shape choices. There’s hearts, circles and BOWS!


Some of our favorite stickers in this subscription are the foils. These fun planner packs have rose gold foil lettering.


This sticker set goes along with the last sheet. It keeps with the rose gold lettering and floral patterns. We really love the “May Flowers” theme they have going on!


This sheet has 5 stickers total, 4 of which are our avatar in different clothing and situations. We like ourselves in that elegant evening gown!


One of the cutest elements of this subscription is the best friend sheet. Each pack comes with stickers that designate activities you’ll be doing with your friend each month. Our friend doesn’t live close but we’re hoping we can use these sometime in the future!


This little box bonus is a small pack of floral wreath sticky notes. These are really pretty and are perfect for this time of year


Another neat sticker sheet are these color your own stickers personalized with your name on them. The different fonts are a really fun touch.


Second to last we have this large durable sticker – this is sturdy enough that you could even put this on your car! This saying with the little bike picture is super cute!


This final sticker makes a great header for your planner and it keeps with the bicycle theme! They leave it vague enough that you can use this for any month which is cool as well!


So in summary

We can’t break this down the way we do typical subscriptions because we know what we’re receiving each month. The varying patterns and sheets is really cute though, and if you are a planner addict like us you will absolutely adore this! The personalization (especially for someone like us with a unique name) is always awesome and opening this is such a blast!


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