nurture life review

Nurture Life Meal Delivery Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | June 2018

nurture life review

Nurture Life is a meal delivery subscription for children that sends nutritious meals that are dietitian approved and free of nuts and shellfish. Choose between veggie or non-veggie meals when you subscribe as well. This subscription caters to children age 6 months – 14 + years old! For babies you’ll choose between an 8 or 14 meal plan, prices vary by age but start at $35 a week +shipping. For kids aged 1-3 plans are $47 a week + shipping. For children 4-8 years of age plans start at $52 a week +shipping, and for kids aged 9-14+ plans start at $57 a week +shipping. We received an assortment based on the ages of our children to share with you guys. Not a Tree Reviews received these meals at no cost for review purposes.

Check Out the Unboxy Box Video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Everything that we received in our Nurture Life Box (to note the meals are supposed to be refrigerated but we froze ours until we could do this review) so they’d look a lot fresher when you received them (check out the unboxing)! First off we want to talk about the recyclable packaging that Nurture Life uses. If you watch the unboxing above you’ll see the extremely secure and cold way they are packaged. Despite this the foam liner is recyclable which we really like. We chose each of the meals and were really impressed by the flavors and herbs they use (the meals are concocted by a pediatric dietitian and on staff chefs).


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert

This gives us a little more information about this subscription!


Toddler Aged 1-3 Years


For our toddler aged 1-3 we received 2 packages of Peas & Cheese & Tortellini. This smelled and tasted great (and yes we totally tried it)!

Here it is prepared. The portions are HUGE! We were surprised at how much the kids loved these – it’s almost like they sneak the good ingredients in there!


The next meal for toddlers ages 1-3 is Minestrone Stew. We chose each of the meals that were included… there’s a huge assortment on the Nurture Life site… don’t believe us? Check it out here. So if you have a picky eater.. have no fear, they have you covered. We’re lucky, our kids will eat almost anything!


Our final meal for children ages 1-3 (these were perfect for Vivienne) is Orange Chicken with Fried Rice. Does this not sound delicious!? We figured the sweet of the chicken and the rice would totally resonate with a 3 year old!


Children Aged 4-8 Years Meals

Our first recipe is Cheese Ravioli with Beef Bolognese. Ravioli filled with cheese sounds right up our kids alleys and the Bolognese sauce ensures that they’re getting a good kick of protein!


Our second meal for this age is the Mac & Cheese with Cauliflower. This sounded quite delicious to us and so we decided to make this one first for Oliver!

The portion sizes are incredible. You could easily split these up into two meals or just eat some yourself!


Our final recipe for kids ages 4-8 is Veggie Fried Rice. This to us seems like a simple, staple meal for kids and rice is universally liked!


Meals for Children Ages 9 – 14+

We received 2 meals for kids ages 9-14. The first is Pork Al Pastor (which for all intents and purposes means it’s prepared with pineapple). When Mr. Not a Tree saw this he was super excited (thinking he was going to get some).  We haven’t had a chance to make this yet with the kids still in school but Penny is SUPER excited to try this out. Did we mention how Nurture Life separates the meat and vegetables to prevent cross contamination… because they do!

Our final meal is Teriyaki Salmon with Brown Rice. This might be our spirit meal… it sounds absolutely amazing.


Here they are, enjoying their meals!


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Nurture Life Meal Delivery Subscription is an absolutely awesome option for busy parents who value nutrition! The menu is lengthy and full of amazing ingredients and meals… we would totally eat these! The presentation is great. We love their dedication to sustainable packaging and everything arrives perfectly. The quality is amazing. The ingredients are all natural and include no artificial colors or additives. And curation is awesome, you get to choose… what else could you ask for!?


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