girls that make review

Girls that Make Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2018

girls that make review

Girls that Make is a monthly subscription box for girls that encourages them to create a monthly project. Each project is wearable item that is electronic! Boxes include everything you’ll need to create your wearable including in depth instructions. Subscriptions are $39.99 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms. Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look girls that make

Our first glimpse inside the Girls that Make Box

Everything that we received in our Girls that Make Box. This included everything we needed to create an LED Sparkly Bracelet.


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. There’s a magnet, an insert that explains how to get codes sent right to your phone and our instruction manual.

This manual goes in depth to explain how this bracelet is created.


Bracelet Casing

This plastic casing will house our electronic parts.


Needles & Conductive Thread

We received both needles and conductive thread for the sewing portions of this project. The first set of needles were a bit too big so Girls that Make sent out a second set of needles! This thread is special because it conducts electricity.



This school glue will be used in a few of the steps for this project.


Alligator Clips

These alligator clips will be used in testing out our lights.


LED Lights

We received a total of 10 LED lights. We will use as little or as many as we like in our bracelet.

They come in strips that we just have to snap apart.



This is our battery for our bracelet. It also holds the on and off switch for our wearable technology!


Printed Circuit Board

This “PCB” controls the flow of electricity but also shows the pattern that the lights will flash (or any effect they’ll take on).


White Felt Fabric

We’ll be sewing all of our electronics onto this fabric!


Okay so now what?!

First Penny sat down with Dad to test out the LED’s.

We tried to have her do the entire project herself and only guide her when she needed the help.

Testing the LED’s involves connecting the clips to the PCB, battery and LED’s to ensure that it’s an “open circuit”

Here is Penny’s completed open circuit.

And ta-da she got it done!

We split this project up over about a week. The next night we measured and cut our fabric.

This was Penny’s first time cutting fabric!

Then we set up our bracelet with our preferred amount of LED’s and get it ready for sewing by gluing our pieces down.

Then we sew.

After you’ve sewn the bracelet the only steps left are to glue the entire bracelet to insulate it and then to put it in our bracelet casing. Up until this point our bracelet worked and unfortunately afterward it didn’t. We tried the troubleshooting and messed around with this a bunch but it wouldn’t light up.. despite being disappointed we don’t feel like the lesson was lost. Penny really did learn a lot from this box.


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Girls that Make Box is an incredible way to get girls using their hands and brains at the same time. We love that this box is aimed at girls because… often times they are left out of the STEM projects and toys! The presentation is great. We love the box and packaging and feel that this manual is comprehensive! The quality is awesome – they sent EVERYTHING we needed and while we were a bit bummed about the final result… we got a great lessono! And curation is terrific. We are loving the different wearable each month and the fact that we didn’t have to provide a thing!


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