German Chocolate Subscription Box Review & Exclusive Coupon | June 2018

German Chocolate Box is a chocolate subscription that sends the tastiest chocolates direct from Germany with brands like Lindt, Riesen, and Milka. The monthly cost is $34.99 with worldwide shipping, which is nice. Subscriptions are sent out between the 15th-17th of each month, and they do month-to-month, 6-month and 12-month plans. This is the review for the June Box although I do not know if everyone gets the same combination of chocolates each month. Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

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I could not believe how much was in the box.

Lindt Orange Bar

This is the delicious Lindt chocolate we know and love with a very delicate orange filling. This reminded us of the chocolate oranges that we receive around Christmastime as the taste is very similar.

Lindt Hello Blueberry Muffin Bar

This was a totally new taste to us. It is milk chocolate with a crispy blueberry filling. It was actually very good and my daughter’s favorite bar in the box. The Lindt Hello are very popular in Germany and come in many flavors like strawberry cheesecake, sea salt caramel, cookies and cream and so many more.

Milka Oreo

I have seen the Milka Brand at local stores but not this particular flavor. It has the mini oreos in it but the cream inside them is like a softer chocolate mousse it’s so good. This was my sons favorite in the box.

Merci Dark Selections

These are all dark chocolate bars with 4 different flavors including;  Marzipan, Coffee & Cream, Dark Chocolate Cream, and Dark Mousse. These were not a big hit because we don’t really do dark chocolate in my house but my friend loves it and said that every single one was delicious. I have seen this for sale as well but I don’t think I’ve seen this all dark selection before.

Ritter Sport Caramel Mousse

Oh My Goodness this was my absolute favorite bar in the box it was so good. It has caramel mousse inside silky milk chocolate. To me, it was like a peanut butter texture but with caramel and little pieces of a nut, absolutelly delicious. I’ve seen this brand at my grocery store but not this flavor but I will be on the hunt from now on.

These were another big hit, they are like little cups with chocolate and hazelnut mousse and they have a whole hazelnut inside each.

Ritter Sport (Almond)

I am allergic to white chocolate so my daughter ate this. She said it was like a different flavor chocolate, it was very good. This bar had whole candied almonds in it. She said that this was the best white chocolate she ever tried.

Rausch 43% Cacao

This is a plain chocolate bar but it is very substantial. It’s very thick and super hard to break. This definitely had a distinctive flavor that I have never tasted before, it was not an unpleasant flavor just very very rich and different. The packaging and inside wrapper was very nice it looked like a classy chocolate bar.

Hachez 55.5% Cacao: This bar is coffee & caramel flavor. The chocolate looks dark but tastes very light and you can really taste the coffee and caramel flavors. We enjoyed this one very much, it cures a chocolate craving with one square – it is rich but not too rich.

Bitter Bar with 85% Cacao: We did not taste this one, it’s very bitter. This is a chocolate that I will use in recipes, like for my chocolate silk pie. It’s perfect for baking and I am saving it to make that.

Feodora Sweet Dreams

Last but not least we received this wonderful quinoa & blueberry bar. It’s a smooth milk chocolate with a very slight blueberry flavor and crunch of the quinoa. This bar was enjoyed by everyone very much.

We also got this beautiful postcard from Berlin, the artwork is stunning.

Nicole’s Notes:

I was so very happy to review this box, I think it is amazing and a great way to try different chocolates. All of them except the bitter one were very enjoyable. I think that this box is a great subscription for a chocolate lover or a gift for a loved one. I have tried a few other chocolate boxes and none came with as much as this one. We received so much and variety was incredible. If you would like to try different international chocolates then you should check out German Chocolate Box enter code: NATR20 at checkout to get 20% off your first month (first 100 subscribers) .

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  2. It’s impossible for you to be allergic to white chocolate, and not milk or dark chocolate.
    White is cocoa butter without cocoa powder. Milk and dark are cocoa butter with cocoa powder.
    They BOTH contain cocoa butter.
    What the heck?

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