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The Mass Box Subscription Box Review + First Month FREE Coupon + Unboxing | May 2018

The Mass Box is a monthly craft box that gets kids aged 4-8 prepared for mass. Crafts and activities are curated around the liturgical calendar and include DVD webisodes as well as magazines and crafts. Choose between just the monthly magazine for $7.95,  The Mass Box Lite which contains magazines for the month and one craft for $12.95, or the Mass Box Full Kit which includes crafts and magazines for each week as well as the DVD for $24.95. Additionally, you can opt for the sibling kit for $39.95 (2 times the items) or the trio (3 times the items) for $54.95 and finally the fourth child kit (4 times the items) for $69.99. Use code BOGOFC to get your first month FREE plus a free craft! Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first glimpse inside the Mass Box for May.

what's in the mass box.

Everything that we received in our The Mass Box. This is the full kit and includes a packet for each week of May as well as a DVD.


So what is all this stuff?



This month’s Superbook DVD focuses on John the Baptist.


Week 1

The first week of May is centered around the “Sixth Sunday of Easter”.

Included in our packet is our magazine, 2 pieces of felt, chalk and batting. The craft for this week is a heart pillow.

The magazines include letters to parents, readings, puzzles and your craft instructions.

For this craft we trace a heart on our white felt with chalk, cut it out and use that as a template for our red heart. We then cut strips around the outer edge of both hearts. At this point you are supposed to knot around most of the heart leaving a small hole for batting. Unfortunately our heart was a little small … and so were our strips around the outer edge. Sort of impossible to knot!


Week 2

This week our activities and theme focus around the Ascension of the Lord.

Our kit includes everything we need to create an ascension mobile.

We really like the way the magazines blend fun activities with knowledge! This is a great way to get children really engaged!

This craft was great for youngers. It was a foam craft that was for the most part peel and stick. We first apply the disciples around the blue foam piece. Then we fold one cord in half and apply Jesus stickers on both sides like a sandwich. Our next step is to pull our other cords through the holes in the rectangle and tie in a knot. Now we wrap our foam in a circle and adhere one edge to the other. Our final step is to sandwich our cords together between the cloud and voila – finished mobile!



Week 3

The second week of activities focuses around Pentecost Sunday. This kit includes a kite craft as well as this week’s magazine.

We received 2 dowels, 3 colorful tails for our kite, kite string and a sheet of plastic to complete our kite craft.

This week’s magazine.

For this craft we weave the dowels into the holes on our kite plastic. Then we fold and tape and decorate our kite. Next we apply our tails and finally we attach our kite string. Penny was extremely happy to have done this… she’s been flying this kite around the past few days and waiting patiently for a windy day!


Week 4

Our final week in this month’s box focuses on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity.

This includes all the items that we need to create a Holy Trinity Necklace

This week’s magazine.


This craft was the simplest in concept but the most fun! We split our embroidery thread into thirds and then tape it to the table. Then we braid the strands and finally add our charm! Here is Belle with her completed necklace!


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The Mass Box is a great way to get kids excited about church and the readings! We really loved how the craft and the magazines came together to create a unified theme for each week. The presentation is great, everything is broken up by week making it easy for parents. The quality is awesome, both the DVD and magazines are really well thought out. And curation is fantastic. This subscription brings the events in the Liturgical Calendar to life for kids and we love the way the themes and crafts work so well together!


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