simple happy kindred review

Simply Happy Kindred Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | June 2018

simple happy kindred review

Simply Happy Kindred is a brand new, artisanal, vegan, organic and cruelty free subscription box. Boxes have different monthly themes based around personal development and there are 2 different options to choose from. The first is the Journey Mini Box that contains 3-4 items for $35.99. The second is the Empower Deluxe Box (what we’re reviewing) that contains 5-7 items and costs $49.99. Use code BRILLIANT10 to receive a special discount at checkout. Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

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Check out the unboxy box video


Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in simple happy kindred

Our first glimpse inside the Simply Happy Kindred Box

Everything that we received in our Simply Happy Kindred Box for June. This is the “Soul on Fire” edition and aims at helping you to motivate and inspire yourself.



So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This is set up in the form of a magazine with articles that relate to the boxes theme.

We really love how this is set up! It isn’t just “articles” about the items in the box. There is actual information on living a more full life in here! Super cool! However it does have an initial page that lists each of the items we received along with their retail values.


California White Sage Mini Smudge Kit


This cool muslin “Inspire” bag came with these four items to add to your sacred space.

Besides the sage and seashell, there was also a quartz. These are great for amplifying energies. And are intended to be used in clearing negative energies while you burn your smudge in the seashell.

The Tiger’s Eye is super pretty!


From Afar Journal from Tremundo

$20 + $12 for pencils

Made from mixed media cotton canvas this nature inspired journal is perfect for all your journeys! The addition of the real wood pencils is an excellent touch and we think this pair makes a great addition to your deskscape.

The pencils came in five different colors.

And the notebook is hand bound and has unruled pages, so you can write, draw, doodle or anything you’d like!

We love this journal – the cover gives us the feeling of calm which is the whole POINT of a journal, to give you peace!

Bath Tub Tea from Blackberry & Sage Market

This bath tea is comprised of; white tea, ginger, bergamot, lemon balm, lemon verbena, lemon peel and lemongrass. It smells amazing and is entirely organic. We cannot wait to add this tea bag to our bath! You guys know that hot baths are our jam and this looks like it’s going to be fantabulous!


Soul on Fire Print


A perfect addition to this boxes theme is this print. It says, “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” And we have to agree with this because we’ve lived it!


Wild Rose Solstice Botanical Salt Spray


This salt spray can be used on both your face and hair for a light refreshing mist (and some texturization). You can also use this as an air freshener or a yoga mat spray. It’s notes of Juniper, Spearmint and Chamomile will work almost anywhere and with almost anything!


The Earthy Child Sunset Passion Encouragement Quartz Blend


This aromatherapy roll-on is infused with Amethyst Quartz to boost your inner confidence and promote positivity.

Not only is this oil gorgeous but it smells amazing. It has notes of frankincense, black pepper, orange and lime!


Habit Tracker


Keep yourself in check with this habit tracker. Whether it’s good or bad (hopefully good) you’ll check off the days that you act out each habit! We love this idea! Great way to keep yourself moving!


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Simple Happy Kindred Box is an amazing assortment that really brings you back to what’s important – the right here and the right now. We live in a time when the future is where we’re heading and the past is what we look to as reference but there’s very little to be said for the present. This box aims at changing that, be your best self, right now. The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is AMAZING. We couldn’t have asked for a better selection of items from small businesses and the curation is phenomenal. This soul on fire box honestly reminded us of some things we’ve forgotten personally the past few (busy months) and has really motivated us to get up and get to it!


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