lady of light box review

Lady of Light Subscription Box Review + Coupon + Unboxing | June 2018

lady of light box review

Lady of Light is a metaphysical subscription box that sends rare, handcrafted items from around the world right to your door each month or quarter. Choose from 4 different options; The Priestess Package contains incense, cone incense, a smudging stick and a new age gift related to the goddess of the month for just $9.95, The Goddess Subscription contains 6-8 new age items with a $60 – 80 retail value for just $35, The Deluxe Goddess Box contains 8-10 items for $70 a month or you can choose to have this box sent quarterly. Use code WELCOME5 to receive $5 OFF at checkout! Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look lady of light box

Our first glimpse inside the Lady of Light Box.

Everything that we received in our Lady of Light Box. This box celebrates Heket, the ancient Egyptian frog headed Goddess of femininity, fertility and resurrection.


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. The far left lists each of the items that we received, the center tells us more about Heket and how the items in this box relate to her, finally the last sheet contains an affirmation for the month.


Ankh Jewelry Box

This gorgeous wooden box has an Ankh etched into it. This symbol represents life, breath and immortality and looks pretty cool!

The box is large enough to hold jewelry, notes, and small trinkets and makes a great addition to your bookcase, vanity or where ever you’d like to place it!


Flower Cuff

This pretty cuff is perfect for summer and came in our favorite metal – silver!

Definitely a bold statement piece we are going to pair this with our favorite jeans! We think the flower details give this a romantic feel as well.


Aura Song “Nurture a Dream Soap”

This soap is a Lady of Light Box exclusive. While you can use this as a soap, it can also be used as a tool for meditation. Hold this soap in your hands and set your intention, leave the soap by your sink and you’ll be reminded each time you wash your hands of your intention. This is a great way to remember and keep yourself motivated to your goals!

We were impressed that each of the ingredients in this soap were organic! Pretty awesome!


Frog Cone Incense Holder

While this golden frog fits the theme of this box it also serves a practical purpose. It holds cone incense while burning!


Patchouli Cone Incense

And of course, what good would an incense holder be without some incense?! These cones are Patchouli scented. We will probably pass these along to our Mom who LOVES incense – she’d be stoked to receive this set!


Frog Figurine

Frogs are reminders that we need to connect with the world around us as well as nature. They are also reminders of keeping ourselves well and cleaning our energetic spaces.

This little frog is super cute and he’s meditating which is pretty much the most adorably hilarious thing EVER!


Green Aventurine and Ammonite Pendant

Definitely our box favorite! This pendant features Ammonite – a fossilized shell that is associated with the ability to change and transform and to inevitably reach your goals. Green Aventurine gives us the strength to heal your heart and soul’s pain and support your financial growth.

While this has tons of benefits in the spiritual sense we have to say that we LOVE the way it looks! The Ammonite gives this a natural feel that is missing in a lot of jewelry. We can’t wait to wear this!


Opalite Egg

This stone is associated with sensitivity, receptiveness and being open to universal gifts. A reminder of using your intuition and to hold fast to your dreams.

Use this as a central piece in your crystal grid or as a focusing tool. This crystal has a hypnotic quality, very beautiful! We’ll be keeping it in our pocket from now on!


Aura Song Moon Moisture Bar

Another exclusive to this box is this solid lotion bar. Warm between your hands and then apply to any areas that could use a little nourishing.

The most impressive thing about this lotion bar is the face of the moon. How cool is this?


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The Lady of Light Box offers items that are nurturing to your spiritual side and also rare and beautiful! The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly and they do a great job of explaining each of the items that were included. The quality is fantastic – the soap and lotion are both made with all natural and organic ingredients which we love! The curation is probably our own favorite part. Not only is the theme cohesive throughout the box but there’s a great attention to detail and they’ve really put a lot of time into their own message. We love when boxes come with intention and help us to be better versions of ourselves and that’s exactly what the Lady of Light Box does!

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