russia box review

Russia Box Subscription Review + Unboxing | June 2018

russia box review

Russia Box is a snack subscription box that sends Russian, Slavic, Soviet and Eastern European candy and treats monthly. Each box contains 1-2 large items, 5-10 small to medium items and 1 genuine cultural item. Subscriptions are $24.95 monthly and with code WELCOME you’ll receive a special gift with your first box. Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in the russia box

Our first glimpse inside the Russia Box.

what's in the russia box

Everything that we received in our Russia Box. There is SO MUCH in this box. We are blown away by the sheer amount of items in this box! We couldn’t wait to try all these candies out!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. Each of the items we received is listed and described on the sheets of paper and for most there is an ingredients and nutrition list for most of the items! Super helpful with boxes like these.


Chess Biscuits

These sugar biscuits were one of the three full sized items included in this box. We haven’t had a chance to try these yet but they sound like they’d pair well with tea!


Belaya Cheryomuha Candy

There were 2 of these candies included in this box. The wrapper has 2 people kissing and is super cute. This is another candy we haven’t tried yet mostly because we’re trying not to gain 10 pounds from all this candy!


Nezhnoye Souffle with Cherry Flavor in Chocolate

Probably our favorite candy included in this box – there were 7 of these cherry filled chocolate bars. We will neither confirm nor deny that all of them are gone!

These dark chocolate candies are filled with a whipped cherry center that is sweet but not too sweet. They’re just right!


Crabs Cocoa & Peanut Filled Candy

In a candy box there has to be one token peanut item and here is ours! There was just one of these delicious candies included in this box (and we were not about to share ours).


Bee Candy

This was the only candy not listed on our box insert. We haven’t tried this yet either to see what it tastes like but the wrapper has a cute little bee on it!


Molochnaya Pomadka So Vkusom Pechenia or Milk & Cookies Candy

Surprisingly delicious this bonbon type candy has a nougat filling as well as a caramel filling. There was just one included (could have totally eaten a thousand of these)!

The inside – this was delicious!


Korivka (Cow) Soft Caramel Candy

There were 4 of these soft caramels included in our June Russia Box.

These tasted so good and just melted right in your mouth!


Matryoshka Hand Painted Strawberry Magnet

Our cultural item for this month is this hand painted Matryoshka Magnet. What a cool addition to our kitchen. We love the colors and we love Matryoshka dolls in general! We already have a Matryoshka measuring cups.


Bird’s Milk Chocolate Candy

Does this candy not have the most gorgeous wrapper ever?! We couldn’t wait to see if the bar tasted as good as the wrapper looked! This is one of our full sized products this month.

This milk chocolate outside has a whipped creamy filling! We were surprised at how thin the bar was, making it just the right amount.


Hot Chocolate “Princess” with Vitamins

All you have to do to enjoy this chocolate drink is mix 3-4 teaspoons with 150 mL of warm or boiled  milk. This contains vitamins just like Ovaltine does. This is another of our full sized items for the month.


Sugar Rooster

These sweet rooster lollipops are included in welcome boxes. We’ve had these before and love their sweet flavor.


Snezhok (Snowflake) Caramel Candy with Filling

There were a total of 15 of these caramel candies included in our June Russia Box.

The snowflake name comes from the white outer shell of this candy. We really like the lemon-y flavor of these!


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The Russia Box is an excellently fun box full of culture and delicious treats! We love the sheer amount that we received in our box. The quality is great, everything is authentic! Presentation is awesome. We love the box and all of our snacks arrived in perfect condition. The curation is fantastic. There was a good mix of chocolate, caramel and other fun candies and we think it’s so cool that they include a cultural items as well! Great job Russia Box!


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