club sci kidz review

Club SciKidz Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | June 2018

club sci kidz review

Club SciKidz is a children’s subscription box that sends an assortment of STEM experiments and activities focused around a different field in the STEM sciences each month. Subscriptions are $29.95 monthly. Additionally, you can buy past boxes in their online store. Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in club scikidz

Our first glimpse inside the Club SciKidz Box.

what's in the club scikidz box

Everything that we received in our Club SciKidz Box for the month. The theme for this assortment is, “Crime Scene Investigation and the World of Forensic Science”. This looks like LOTS of fun!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. There’s a card that tells us what’s included as well as our monthly activity guide.

Everything that we can do in this box.

Our activity guide details each of the month’s experiments and also gives us other facts like, scientists in this field as well as further reading, movies and Micro-experiments.


This mixing tray will be used in our “White Powder Experiment”.


Each Club SciKidz Box comes with some candy. There were 2 blood splatter gummies included in this one!


This Personal Identification sheet will be used to record our fingerprints in our fingerprinting activity!


In our first packet are all the other items we’ll be using in our “White Powder” experiment. There’s some stirrers, gloves, 4 white powders and one mystery powder (which is one of the numbered 4 but you’ll have to guess which one based on it’s reaction), a dropper of Iodine, a dropper of water and a dropper of vinegar.


The next packet contains all the items for our Chromatography kit. There’s 5 markers, coffee filters, black pipe cleaner and googley eyes.


This small envelope holds the answers to our “White Powder Experiment”.


Our final packet includes all the other items we’ll need for our fingerprinting activity. There are 2 sheets to identify fingerprints, a plastic cup, a roll of tape, an ink pad, cocoa powder, and a paintbrush.


Our final items in this month’s box are some temporary tattoos. The kids love these and always think they’re fun!


Okay so now what?

Now we get to the experimenting!

First up is the White Powder Activity. We set up all our our items.

We put about an 1/8 of a teaspoon of all 4 powders to be mixed with each solution.

Then we designate a row for each solution so there is no confusion.

Now we add 2 drops to each powder.

Then we mix it well. Observe the changes and see if you can guess what the powder is!

The final step is to mix the final powder with all three solutions and determine which of the 4 it is. We guessed flour!

We were right!

Next we got our all of the items we’d need for the Chromatography experiment.

Our first step is to outline in marker the inner circle of the filter.

Then fold in half and half again to create a cone.

Now you’ll put the filter in water and allow the filter to soak up the water.

You’ll be left with something like this. You can see the ink has separated. This was gray and is now purple and blue. It’s used in crime scenes to determine the type of ink used!

We decided to have lots of fun with this! We mixed colors and created patterns and ended up with what looked almost like tie-dye!

These are currently drying on our counter where afterward we’ll tie them with a pipe cleaner and add eyes to turn them into Chromatography Butterflies!

For our final activity we’ll be dusting for prints!

Penelope already knew how to roll her prints (it was a thing they did in her enrichment classes).

Next we rub our finger on our nose and then touch the plastic cup. Sprinkle some cocoa powder where the print was and then dust with the paintbrush or blow it off.

You’ll be left with something like this

Apply the tape and then press it onto the fingerprint chart to identify what kind of print it is. The kids really enjoyed this, everyone got a turn!


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The Club SciKidz Box is an awesome way to pass these summer months without searching for ways to keep your children’s minds active. And you might just learn something yourself! The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is super. Each experiment included everything we need to complete our projects and the instructions are clear. Curation is awesome. This Forensic Science Box shows kids the practical side of science and introduces them to concepts and ideas that they may not hear of otherwise. This was our favorite box in a long time and think everything was really interesting and engaging. It was an all around great month from Club SciKidz.


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