my zodiac box review

My Zodiac Box Subscription Review + Unboxing | June 2018

my zodiac box review

My Zodiac Box is a monthly subscription that sends a curated assortment of items based around your zodiac sign. Each package contains 4-6 items like beauty, wellness, crystals, jewelry and decor. Subscriptions are $39.95 monthly. Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first glimpse inside the My Zodiac Box for June.

what's in the my zodiac box

Everything that we received in our My Zodiac Box. The theme for this box is “I see the moon and the moon sees me.” and includes items from the lunar calendar and lunar signs.


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert details each of the items included in this box.

The reverse has our horoscope for the month.

There’s also a little pamphlet about Moon Signs.

Our sign is the Moon in Gemini!


White Gold Dipped Crescent Moon Necklace from Canvas Style


Our very favorite item included in this box! We received the white gold because you select your metal preference when you subscribe to My Zodiac Box. There was also a yellow gold dipped pendant as well as a rose gold dipped necklace. Gorgeous statement piece!


Lulu’s Jewels Zodiac Mug


This mug has our astrological sign on it and we LOVE it! Our husband thinks our mug cabinet is too big and too full but what does he know anyway!? This came personalized with your astrological sign.


Polished Moonstone

Of course a box curated around the moon will include a Moonstone! This stone is associated with intuition and insight. And among many other things for women it helps to balance hormones and menstrual cycles.


Healing Stone Set for each of the Moon’s Phases

There was a stone included for each phase of the moon, (New, Waning, Full and Waxing).

The Clear Quartz represents the new moon.

The Sodalite (which is gorgeous) represents the waxing moon.

The full moon is represented by the Tiger’s Eye.

And finally, the waning moon is represented by the Blue Apatite. We love all our new stones and can’t wait to add them to our grid!


Terra Cotta Moon Phase Wall Art by Sage & Stone Company


Use this terra cotta wall art horizontally like a banner or hang it vertically, either way it’s gorgeous. We think this will look really neat in our dining area that has an orange theme!


Astronomy Matches by Skeem Design


This is a gorgeous way to store your matches and we have to say that black matches look really rad. There are 40 matches in this bottle and the design is silk screened.

We love that they have a striker on the side of the bottle.


2018 Lunar Calendar Art Print by Sailor Paper Company


The final addition to this box is a lunar calendar for the year. The bottom has a J.R.R. Tolkien quote that we really like. We’ve received numerous items from Sailor Paper Company in the past and love their quality.


So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The My Zodiac Box is a great way to get fun items delivered based upon your zodiac sign each month. The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome. We love that they source all of their items from smaller, lesser known companies. And curation is fantastic, before this box we didn’t know much about our moon sign and now we feel like experts!

As far as box economy the My Zodiac Box costs $39.95 and for that we received $69 in items (not including the crystals). So this is an awesome deal.


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