picasso tiles review

Best Toys Ever | Picasso Tiles Review

picasso tiles review

Picasso Tiles are an incredibly cool twist on traditional blocks. These blocks are magnetic so you can create the most amazing 3D play boards that your imagination can conjure. We received a set of 60 that retails for just $33.98 on Amazon! We were so excited to be reviewing these for you, guys… we’ve been playing with them at our library for over a year! Not a Tree Reviews received this product at no cost for review purposes.

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Check out the unboxy box video

Alright so show us what we get?!

Okay, so first off this box is meant to actually store your blocks which is a nice addition. So often blocks come and you have to figure out where you’ll put them.. this box has cut outs for all the blocks and even by shape so they are easily put away!

Upon opening the box you’ll see this. A little insert and LOTS of blocks.. how exciting. We can say that our kids were absolutely excited!

Our assortment of blocks. As we said there’s a spot for each, making them easy to store away when we aren’t playing with them! The set comes with an assortment of different geometrical figures. Each of which are magnetic, allowing them to connect together to create 3D figures.

Our box insert tells us all the possibilities with Picasso Tiles… honestly they’re endless. These blocks are really amazing!


Okay so show us how you use them?!

At first we felt like the kids took their time getting to know these blocks. To be fair, they’re completely different than anything they’ve ever played with in the past. Having said that.. once they figured them out there was no stopping them! Houses, rockets, cubes.. you name it, they’ve built it!


These blocks essentially create a base for not only imagination and creativity but also spatial reasoning and skills in physics. As adults, even we are mesmerized with what we can create with these!

Check out Oliver’s Review

He’s hilarious. But seriously he’s had so much fun with these, as have all the children!


We feel though, the biggest benefit with blocks like these is the learning… we’re sneaking it in. These magnetic tiles seem like so much fun but kids have no idea the different skills they’re learning while putting these guys together! Not only are you giving them a broad understanding of architectural design but you’re also offering them a healthy dose of spatial reasoning which is so important in grasping abstract concepts.

Today the kids had a contest to see who could build the best house. How could anyone choose between these two? We know we couldn’t! I guess the only way to truly decide is to get yourself some of your own!


Picasso Tiles



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