surprz review

Surprz Planner Sticker Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | July 2018

surprz review

Surprz is a monthly planner sticker subscription that allows you to customize your pack so it’s all about you. Each pack comes with foil stickers and stickers that you can color in (over 90) stickers in total. Upon subscribing you’ll be able to select your avatar (yep you’ll get stickers that look like you) as well as your best friends name. Additionally, they have another subscription option for tweens. Both subscriptions are $19.95 monthly. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Here is everything that we received in our July Surprz package. This has a celestial feeling and is really beautiful!


So what is all this stuff?

Each pack comes with these 3 little cards. Use them to write notes or pass them on to spread the love!


Each packet comes with a small packet on single stickers.

These all have a celestial feel and are really pretty! They almost remind us of the same material shrinky’s are made with.


This grouping of 14 circular sticker is half crystals and half our name in foil lettering. These are super pretty and would make great accents on just about any of your stationery!


These 2 sheets each have 5 stickers that would be great for the margins of your planner. Write down important notes or things you want to remember.


How cute is our little avatar? We’re kind of partial to the one with her hair up because most often that’s how we actually wear our hair!


This large rectangular sticker implores us to be more mindful with a little bit of zen coloring! If you look closely you’ll see that our name is in the middle of the sticker!


This sticker is great for the top of your planner page – write the month or the week (however you plan)! The combination of both our avatar and the crystals is really cute!


Our first sheet with hearts has 8 total stickers that are dedicated to our best friend. Keep track of all you and your besties dates with these fun stickers. Our bff lives about 2 hours away so we can’t really use these but they are super sweet to see, maybe one day we’ll live closer!


Of the 2 traditional planner pages included in this pack, this first is the more colorful. Bright blues and purples remind us of the sky with this one. Adorn your planner with these fun stickers in any way, pattern, order you’d like!


Another sheet of 14 circular stickers but these have our avatar using internet lingo and other common phrases. These are great to use on and in snail mail!


Another really cute addition to these packages is the sticky notes that work with the theme. These look like the sky and are super pretty!


This set of stickers would go great in a journal. The three stickers that have lettering would be great to outline, your ideas and dreams yet still keep with the pretty foiling of the other sheets.


Our second planner sheet is a little more minimalist but we love it! The lettering is in a foiled blue and the theme keeps up with that same celestial / geode motif. These are gorgeous and we can’t wait to use them!


This sheet of 21 heart stickers can be used for whatever you’d like. Add them to notebooks, greeting cards and of course… your planner! The choice is yours!


Second to last we have a large celestial sticker that could be used in conjunction with your planner stickers with blue foil or you could opt to use this on something totally different. Either way this gorgeous sticker makes a statement.


Our final sheet in this package boasts nine rectangular stickers. Half have our avatar and the other half have personalized messages that are both motivational and encouraging. We get a sheet like this in every package and they are always our absolute favorites!


So in summary

We can’t break Surprz down the way we do our normal subscriptions because we know what we’re getting when we subscribe. We can say though, that we really enjoy the changing themes and think these packages make great additions to any stationery junkies collection! They’re perfect for letter writing, calendars, planners, journals and so much more. The possibilities are endless!


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