hades hot box review

Hades Hot Box Subscription Review + Unboxing | August 2018

hades hot box review

Hades Hot Box is a spicy food subscription box that sends artisan, small batch and gourmet spicy products. Boxes ship quarterly or you can opt for a one time purchase. One time purchases include tax and shipping and cost $32.29. Quarterly boxes are shipped every three months and cost $31.44 or you can opt to pay for a full year at once for a reduced price. Shipping and tax are included in this option as well. Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in the hades hot box

Our first glimpse inside the Hades Hot Box

what's in the hades hot box

Everything that we received in our Hades Hot Box. This box is full of fantastic items that range in spiciness but that are equally tasty!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This lists each of the items that we received and also the curators personal tips on how to use each, which is a really cool concept!


Bushwick Kitchen Bees Knees Spicy Honey


Let’s start off with saying that spicy honey is a perfect addition to wings (which is recommended on the insert) and this honey can serve MANY with this 13.5 ounce bottle!

Made in Brooklyn, New York this honey contains just 2 simple ingredients wildflower honey and chili peppers. It tastes rich and spicy and is a true delight!


Bob’s Addiction Jalapeno Cheese Grits


If you’re like us, you are not into sweets first thing in the morning… in fact we crave savory the moment we get out of bed. So to get grits that are jalapeno flavored is an awesome addition to this box!

This non GMO breakfast requires no other ingredients other than the addition of water! We cannot wait to try these out – we love grits!


Heartbreaking Dawns 1498 Hot Sauce


Okay, we have to be honest and say that when we saw this hot sauce included apricot we thought it might be a bust for us. We are happy to report however, that this sauce is both HOT and delicious! Many hot sauces are hot for hot’s sake.. this however blends the sweet flavor of apricot with the heat of the Scorpion Pepper to create something really wonderful. If you can take a lot of heat this is something you are definitely going to want to try!

The 1498 name is the year Columbus landed on Trinidad soil and in addition to the apricot fruit flavors this sauce also infuses the flavors of both blueberry and carrot! This was definitely our box favorite!


Spontaneous Combustion Ghost Pepper Popcorn


Get ready to have your mouth in flames with this bag of Ghost Pepper seasoned microwave popcorn! This is the only product in this assortment (except the grits) that we haven’t had a chance to try yet because we are saving it for a movie night but we can’t wait! If the bag alone is any indication of how spicy this is … we are in for a special treat!


Unique Flavor Shocked Pretzel Shells


These buffalo flavored pretzels really are just the outer casings of pretzels giving you maximum flavor and crunchiness! We love buffalo flavored anything and thought these had a good bit of heat to them! This bag is a 2 ounce snack size serving that would be great to keep in your purse or car for a quick snack on the go!


So in summary

Quality: Each item included in this subscription is well made and created for both it’s taste as well as heat which we love!

Presentation: Excellent, everything was packaged well and arrived perfectly.

Curation: Superb! This is a well rounded mix of items that ranged in levels of heat – we are still amazed that they managed to fit a breakfast food item in their as well!

Box Economy: For the $32.29 price of this box we received $35 in products Рconsidering they include shipping and taxes in the price of this box  this is a great deal!


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