Hey Mamacita Subscription Box Review | August 2018

hey mamacita review

Hey, Mamacita Box is like a care package for Mommas, it features high-quality items from well-known brands. This box ships monthly on the 4th of each month and is $39.95 a month.  Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes. Now let’s get a closer look at all these beautiful products we received.


Foaming Soap from Bath & Body Works: I love their soaps, they leave a gentle scent behind and are always non-drying for someone like myself who washes their hands countless times a day. I need to use a quality soap like this. The turquoise waters scent is great it’s not too feminine and is not overpowering, I like it very much.



Coco Shea Cucumber Water Lotion: This is the first time I have ever tried this water lotion and wow it’s really great. It has an instant cooling feel to it and when you start to rub it in it really feels like plain water. It leaves absolutely zero greasiness behind and absorbs onto the skin so fast leaving only a healthy moisturized feeling and fresh clean scent. This is one of the best new body lotions I’ve tried and I am a huge fan! I will be buying this on my next trip to the mall.



Nomo Nausea Band for Migraine Relief: I was skeptical about this band at first. My husband suffers from headaches a lot and most of the time the over the counter medicines doesn’t work well enough or he has to take more than one dose to relieve his pain. The day I got this box he had a headache and he wore this bracelet and took a dose of Motrin and within 45 mins he said his headache was gone! That never happens, so this little band is great and works very well.


Tangle Ease Brush by Bella Beauty: We were very happy to get this in our box, both of my daughters have very tangled hair after a shower and we have tried the “wet” brand brush and it was ok but this brush worked a lot better. It detangles the hair very easily, you do have to take your time and brush small sections of the hair but it is painless and the cute cactus design was a hit with the girls too.


2 Pairs of Ankle Socks by Victoria’s Secret: I was surprised to see these in the box, not only are they cute but these socks are so well made. They are thick and comfy and come with a hair tie holding them together. Both say “Train like an angel” and they have a little extra cushion on the ankle as well. I think that they are just the nicest socks I’ve worn, I’d buy these for myself too.


Victoria’s Secret Lip Plumper: We have the Extreme lip plumper in the nude shade. I have tried several plumpers and some work, some don’t. I think that this one works pretty well, it does cause some tingling or a warming sensation but I did notice that my lips were slightly bigger about 5 minutess after the application. I like the nude color quite a bit too it has some shine as well.


Tarte Fresh Eyes Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Wipes 10 count: I found these wipes to be a tad dry, they did work to remove my mascara but I think that they would have worked better if they were a little more wet. I do think that this was a great item to include in the box and Hey Mamacita has no way of knowing if some of the packs of wipes were a little dry.


Tatcha Deep Polish: I have always wanted to try this Tatcha product but it is out of my price range, getting this mini size was  exciting. I tried this right away and I loved it! The powder turns to a slight foam when water is added to it and I massaged it on my face for a good minute or two. When I washed it off my skin felt so soft and looked “polished”. I think it’s a great product and I love that it’s made with rice powder in lieu of harsh chemicals.

Nicole’s Notes:

WOW… that was a great box, I think that this is one of the best boxes that I have reviewed in a while. There are no filler items and every single item is practical and useful and we received all high-quality brands that I already use and enjoy. The retail value of the products is about $87.00 so that is an amazing deal. If you are interested in trying out this wonderful subscription box please click the link below and add code: NICOLE for 10% off . Thanks for reading our review!

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