boxy momma co review

Boxy Momma Company Subscription Box Review + Coupon + Unboxing | August 2018

boxy momma co review

Boxy Momma Company is a monthly mom’s subscription box that sends themed packages aimed at giving Moms a break! There are 2 subscription options – the Momma Mailer which contains 2-4 items and costs $19.99 or the Monthly Momma Box that contains 5-7 items and costs $39.99. Shipping is free and $1 from every box goes to support postpartum support charities and organizations. Use code welcomemomma to save 10% off your first box in a subscription.  Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

First look in the Boxy Momma Co. Box for August.

whats in the boxy momma co box

Everything that we received in our August “Momma Needs to Relax” themed box! This is an amazing assortment of items and still manages to keep it super fun!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. These tell us a bit more about this month’s theme and also the items included in this month’s box.


Control Your Family Breath Spray from Blue Q


Our first item in this assortment is a fun item that is guaranteed to make you laugh. And after all when you think about it… doesn’t it help to have a chuckle about the craziness of it all? This bottle is filled with peppermint flavored breath spray but is labeled as “control your family spray” unfortunately… our family is still all over the place!


The Vintage Company Gel Bead Eye Mask


Put this mask in the fridge, freezer or even in the microwave! These soft gel beads help to make the delicate skin around your eyes to feel refreshed and makes the perfect addition to a hot bath!


Blue Q Tomorrow Day Socks


These soft and cute socks have “Do it Tomorrow Day” on them. We feel like this is a page from our own busy Mom playbook and can’t wait to wear these out and about! The colors of these are also super cute!


Lava Stone Chakra Bracelet from Gogh Jewelry Design


Each of the stones on this bracelet represent one of the chakras, the lava stone symbolizes rebirth and helps us to unload some of our emotional baggage.

Add some essential oils to the bracelet to infuse it with even more relaxing properties! We love this on and think this makes an excellent addition to this box!


Mythic Mist Aromatherapy Roller


This calming blend of essential oils includes lavender, lemon, bergamot, palmarosa, patchouli and coconut oil. Use this on your new lava stone bracelet or apply to pulse points to achieve a heightened sense of relaxation!

We love the metal roller balls, they’re always so cool when you apply them to the skin!


Pure Bliss Body Confections Mommy Needs a Minute Body Scrub


This brightly scented body scrub invites you to sit back and relax in a hot bath while scrubbing away the dirt of the day! This body scrub cleanses the skin, exfoliates and also moisturizes all at once to save you those extra steps (they know how busy you are)!

It just happens to be scented with agave and lime to remind you of a tasty margarita!


Lizush Shower Steamer


We’ve had a number of products from Lizush before and we LOVE them. This Eucalyptus scented shower steamer makes even a quick shower a five minute getaway. Simply put this on a surface inside your shower that doesn’t directly get hit with water and allow the vapors to calm your senses!


Whiskey River Soap Company Bath Bomb


This bath bomb has the most hilarious name ever and is only topped by it’s fantastic “Wine Straight from the Bottle” scent!  You guys know that we’re suckers for bath bombs so we are really happy to have received this.

The back has some equally funny instructions as well! We can’t wait to try more products from this fun company!


So in summary

Quality: Each of the products included in this box is either handmade or chosen for it’s tongue in cheek humor. The handmade products, particularly the jewelry are fantastically well made and we couldn’t be happier with them.

Presentation: Everything is packaged well and arrives perfectly.

Curation: This relax themed subscription box couldn’t have come together more perfectly, we are impressed with all the items and how well they fit not only into this theme but with the style of this fun box!

Box Economy: For the $39.99 that this box costs we received $85 in products which is an excellent deal!


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