succulents box subscription review

Succulents Box Subscription Review + Coupon Unboxing | August 2018

succulents box review

Succulents Box is a monthly plant subscription box that sends anywhere from 1-4 rare succulents to your door each month. They also offer a monthly air plant subscription. For just 1 2 inch succulent a month subscriptions are $4.85 monthly. For 2 2 inch succulents subscriptions are $8.85 monthly. For 3 2 inch succulents subscriptions are $13.45 monthly and for 4 2 inch succulents subscriptions are $17.85 monthly. For one air plant delivered monthly subscriptions are $6.50. Shipping is calculated at checkout. Not a Tree Reviews received the 3 succulent box in exchange for review. Uses code LABOR18 to get 15% OFF all orders through Labor Day here

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first glimpse inside the Succulents Box for August.

what's in the succulents box

Everything that we received in our Succulents Box for August. This box has 3, 2 inch succulents that are super cool as well as care instructions!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts, which include care instructions for our succulents as well as cards that note the name of each plant that we received.

As you can see here, caring for a succulent is extremely easy!


Sempervivum Calcareum

This little guy is spiny and can grow up to 6 inches. Because these plants grow little shoots that spring new rosettes, these plants are often called, “hens & chicks”.

Easy to care for and perfect for colder windows, this one is great for the almost any kind of windowsill gardener.


Sempervivum Cobweb

Low growing and much like the previous succulent this plant also comes in small rosettes that create small shoots that become new rosettes, making this a “hen and chick” succulent. Great plant for a container or rock garden you’ll only need to water this plant when the soil is dry and even less in the winter months.

This plant has a signature, cobweb like hair that grows on it and it does bloom small pink flowers!


Kalanchoe Tomentosa

Probably our favorite succulent included in this box, this “Panda Plant” is easy to care for and maintain. Some say the soft and fuzzy leaves look a bit like cat ears. We were surprised to find out that this plant can grow up to 1.5 feet tall!

In it’s natural habitat of Madagascar the Tomentosa can actually flower, however.. rarely happens outside of it’s natural home.


So in summary

Quality: Each of these plants is grown with care and is sent based on it’s rare qualities making the quality of this subscription box awesome.

Presentation: We love the care and attention that is put into the packaging of each of these plants. They arrived perfectly and in great condition!

Curation: We really like the variety that we received. The 2 Sempervivum’s are in the same genus but are 2 different species and have notable difference. We love all the plants that we received in our Succulents Box!


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