little touch of magick review

A Little Touch of Magick Subscription Box Review + Coupon + Unboxing | August 2018

little touch of magick review

A Little Touch of Magick is a mystery subscription box that sends 5 or more items each month based around a featured short story. These items range from jewelry to wearables to home decor, each bringing the story to life. Subscriptions to Little Touch of Magick are $45.99 and with code NAT5 you’ll get $5 OFF your first month in a subscription. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in little touch of magick

Our first glimpse inside the Little Touch of Magick Box

what's in little touch of magick

Everything that we received in our August, “Conservatory” themed Little Touch of Magick Box. Another stunning mix! The theme for September is, “Lost in Time”!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This lists each of the items that we received along with their retail values.


The Conservatory Story

This month’s story is called, “The Conservatory” and is about a young magician who inherits her great grandmother’s enchanted cottage. Here she hones her spells and magick!

This is probably the longest story we’ve received in a Little Touch of Magick Box yet. This story is 9 pages long!


The Conservatory Bath Bomb from Andromeda’s Curse


This 4 ounce bath bomb from Andromeda’s Curse conjures the alchemic reactions that happen in this month’s story and also smells amazing! We actually needed a new bath bomb (and you guys know how much we love them) so we were super stoked that this was included in this month’s box!


Striped Travel Visor


A striped gardening hat is one of the items that our narrator finds in the cottage and uses to shield herself from the sun, so this visor is fitting.

This reminds us of Sabrina! We love the bow detail and can’t wait to use this visor while we garden!


The Conservatory Perfume Oil Blend from Andromeda’s Curse


This perfume oil also from Andromeda’s Curse has notes of; teakwood, green plants, orchid, geranium, plainting soil, exotic musk, Arabian sandalwood & sweet oud making this the perfect blend for our conservatory story. This smells great on and a little bit goes a long way!


Golden Rose Necklace


This month’s piece of jewelry is a golden rose necklace. This stories most integral plant was an enchanted golden rose. So you can imagine how important a jewelry piece like this is for this month’s subscription box. This is really beautiful and probably our favorite item included in this assortment.


Peacock Shawl


One of the characters is this month’s story is a very vocal peacock and so this peacock shawl makes a gorgeous yet appropriate addition to this month’s box. We love the design and the golds and oranges make this absolutely stunning for fall!

Here it is on… LOVE!


Flower Crowned Cat Note Card


Another of this stories characters is Sterling, a posthumous familiar with a flower crown. Each Little Touch of Magick Box includes a blank inside note card that goes along with that month’s theme, this one has a cat with a flower crown! How perfect!


Embroidered Floral Cross Body Pouch


Our final item in this month’s box is a little pouch like the one in our story. Wear it over your shoulder like a messenger bag and keep all your most precious items in it. We love the detailed stitching and bright colors, really evokes the spirit of this story.


So in summary

Quality: We love the items that are included in our Little Touch of Magick Box each month. They are well made and often times handmade.

Presentation: Everything arrived perfectly and was packaged beautifully. We love how things are individually wrapped.

Curation: This month’s box is yet again wonderfully put together. All the items that we received are useful but also go perfectly with this month’s story!

Box Economy: For the price of this box $45.99 we received $144 in items which is triple the cost of the box! A phenomenal deal!


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