DIYvinci Subscription Box Review | September 2018

DIYvinci is a do it yourself subscription box that sends quality craft and art supplies like adult coloring books for $20, craft paper for $10, and stencils for $15. You choose which box you would like. We received the adult coloring box and this was sent to us at no cost for review purposes. Boxes ship worldwide around the 20th of each month.

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The box came with two books and a list of their prices.


Indian Summer coloring book by Kaiser Craft from Austraila.

I love this book, it’s filled with boho animals and artwork and the pages are nice and sturdy. The pictures are large which I like, tiny little coloring┬áspots cause me stress not help alleviate it.

The artwork in this book is just so beautiful. There is a nice variety of animals, flowers, and different designs. I am very happy to be adding this book to my collection of coloring books.


Animal Coloring Book by: Kathy Ireland

Our next book is an animal coloring book by Kathy Ireland. This is another great book with one picture on each page so there are no issues of anything bleeding or indenting onto the next page which is a huge plus for me. This book is filled with gorgeous animal artwork that is waiting to be brought to life with color. I think that this is one of my favorite animal coloring books, I am just obsessed with the artwork and designs of each picture.

I enjoy how some of the animals look as they should like this octopus which happens to be my favorite in this book, and some others are adorned with Aztec paisley and flower details that are great as well. You can make a panda bear so very colorful instead of just black and white so there is something for everyone.

Nicole’s Notes:

I really like the books that we received, I have not seen these particular selections anywhere else and the art is so beautiful. Our box was shipped in a very timely manner and packaged very well. The price is great too because each book is around $10 and the box is $20 so it’s the same price as purchasing in a store. If you were to buy online you would have to pay shipping in most cases with this box shipping is free, which is always good! But the hugest plus for us is that the books are a complete surprise. I think that this is a great all around subscription if you are looking for a new craft/art box to try. Click the link below to see the other options they have!

DIYvinci on Cratejoy

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