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The Magickal Earth Bath Subscription Box Review & Exclusive Coupon | September 2018

Bath box by Magickal Earth September Box

 Magickal Earth is a monthly subscription box that has several different subscription options like a box with just a crystal and other spiritual type boxes. Not a Tree Reviews was sent this box at no cost for review but the price for this particular bath box is $29.99.  Boxes ship worldwide from the U.S on the 1st of the month. Boxes can include items like bath bombs, candles, soaks and crystals. I love the watercolor art on the box everything about the box is beautiful.

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This is my very first look inside, the smell of lavender filled my nose and I am in love already. The sticker and bundle of dried lavender show how much effort and love was put into packaging these boxes for their subscribers.

This information card is very pretty, it gives some really helpful tips on staying relaxed with the items in the box and on life in general.

What a gorgeous box – even the inside of the box has watercolor amethyst crystals.

This Amethyst is so very pretty and a very good size at about 3″ long. Amethyst is long known for its calming and healing properties as well as  Chakra balancing. Therapies with this crystal are associated with curing aliments of the nervous system and helping with insomnia, and nightmares. So the perfect spot for this beauty is on my nightstand with other crystals that I have in or around my clearing bowl.

This Amethyst Bath bomb by OrganicCare smells amazing and it’s also a very generous size. Sometimes boxes send smaller size bath bombs but this one is about the same size as a billiard ball. I have not used this yet but it is made with all natural organic ingredients.

This 100% soy vanilla lavender candle was made by Magickal Earth. This candle has tiny lavender buds and real amethyst bits on the top making it a gorgeous addition to my decor in addition to aromatic. It smells wonderful and is the perfect candle to burn while bathing with my bath bomb for the ultimate calming bathing experience.

Next we have Bath Fog + Lavender by Coast & Clearing. This is a product brand that I have never received before, I imagine it’s like any other bath soak with way better high quality ingredients. I can smell the wonderfulness through the package and I can’t wait to use this. I love products that have and smell like real lavender – not the imitation scent.

And of course we got this lovely bundle or dried lavender which is also next to my bed where I can enjoy the relaxing scent at night.

Nicole’s Notes:

I love a good bath box like this and this one is probably on the top of my list. This Box is just so thoughtfully curated right down to the smallest detail and by doing these things it lets subscribers know that they are appreciated and that is important! All of the items included were of the highest quality, all natural and organic which is also important to me because I have 3 children who also love a good bath bomb or soak. $29.99 is a little on the high side but organic ingredients are more expensive than artificial and the way these are produced is also an extensive process. Plus, our amethyst was huge… so the quote, “You get what you pay for” is perfect in this situation. If you are interested in checking out the Magickal Earth boxes and products click the link below and you can get 20% off your first box by adding : Nicole20 at checkout.

 Magickal Earth

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