rose war panty power review

Rose War Panty Power Subscription Box Review + Coupon + Unboxing | September 2018

rose war panty power review

Rose War Panty Power is a triple threat box because it combines period products, panties and beauty items. Each package contains 2 pairs of panties ranging in size from small to 3XL (you’ll select whether you prefer thongs, no thongs or a mix), 14 organic tampons or pads or a combo of both, plus other fun items! Boxes have a $60+ value with all cruelty free items. You’ll also enter your age upon subscribing to best select items that suit you. Subscriptions are $25.20 monthly and with code RWPP50 you’ll get a special discount at checkout!

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in rose war panty power

Our first glimpse inside our Rose War Panty Power Subscription Box for September

what's in september rose war panty power

Everything that we received in our September RWPP Box. This is another JAM PACKED box!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. We like the way they set this up, they list each of the beauty items that were possible and check off the ones that you received.


PureDerm Exfoliating Foot Mask

We cannot wait to try these out – they remove excess skin and calluses and leave feet feeling smooth and soft. They’re made with just botanical ingredients as well so there aren’t any yucky chemicals!


Couque D’asse

Each Rose War Panty Power Box comes with a couple tasty snacks. These Vienna coffee bars are tasty and bite size – so you don’t overindulge. Never fear though… because they included 2!


Nude Bikini

Our first pair of panties for this month is a nude bikini. What makes these pretty and special is the black lace detail that hangs over each thigh. To match the black lace there is also a black elastic band around the waist. These are made with elastane and nylon and are very soft.


Our second pair of panties for this month is gray! You guys know how we feel about orange and gray! These are simple in the front.

But the back is a lace boyshort! We love these – super cute!



We always choose the mix of tampons and pads to show you guys the variety that Rose War Panty Power has to offer. As promised here are our 7 tampons.



And of course our 7 pads. We love how well these are wrapped up!


Lauren B Cuticle Oil

We love Lauren B products – they’re all natural, cruelty free and organic and they work! We received this great tube of cuticle oil that retails for $22. We particularly love the applicator that allows you to have more precision when you apply!


Rustic Maka Healing Salve

This salve is right up our alley. Made from Calendula and Vitamin E you’ll beat any weather with this nourishing balm. Great for cold weather days and chapped skin!

This is the perfect barrier protection and has no smell to speak of. This balm retails for $15!


Hard Candy

Our other snack that was included in this box is a grape flavored hard candy.


Elite Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Eliminate dirt and sebum from your pores with this charcoal peel off mask. This mask both cleanses and detoxifies to leave your skin feeling so fresh and so clean!


Emergen-C Vitamin C

Get a hefty does of vitamin c with this effervescent packet. Great for combating the common cold and if you’ve been around someone who is sick. This packet is acai berry flavored.


So in summary

Presentation: Rose War Panty Power is packaged wonderfully. We love the box and how all our period items are wrapped up. Everything arrived to us perfectly.

Quality: We love all the items that were included. There’s a conscious effort to include items that are organic, cruelty free and all natural and we love that!

Curation: This box is perfect. They manage to take the worst part of the month (hopefully, amirite) and turn it into something enjoyable and empowering – this month’s box is no different! So awesome!


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