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NY K-Beauty Box Subscription Review and Exclusive Coupon | September 2018

NY K-Beauty is a new Korean Skincare and beauty subscription. I am obsessed with Korean skincare, they’re the only skincare products I use now and my skin is noticeably more healthy. NY K-Beauty has 2 different boxes; the Mask Mistress that costs $14.99 a month and contains 10 masks, or the K-Beauty Cutey Box which is the one that was sent to us at no cost for review. It includes 6 full-size Korean products from well-known brands for $39.99 a month. They also include other Korean goodies or snacks. No two boxes are the same, each one is curated for the individual customers. Boxes are sent out the first week of the month and are shipped worldwide from the U.S. and Seoul, South Korea.

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K-Beauty Cutey Box


Goodal Moisture Barrier Toner: I love me a good toner and this one is great. It’s a nice thicker formula which gives a cooling feeling that I enjoy. After cleansing it left my skin feeling moisturized but not sticky like some products do. The scent is very light and pleasant as well, I am not a fan of any strongly scented face products.


Demeter Deo Tissue in Fresh Aqua Scent: These tissues smell so good! At first I thought they were a facial wipe but to my surprise, they are for sweaty smelly bodies. I put these to the test on my teenager’s onion armpits after gym class and they worked pretty well, I wouldn’t say the smell was 100% gone after 1 wipe but it definitely was gone after 2 wipes. So these are perfect to have in your bag for the gym or anywhere. I really like them a lot.


Mamonde Bitter Orange Essence: This is s great product as well, even though I don’t really know the purpose of essences and serums besides that they are supposed to be applied before moisturizer to help absorption, so that is when I apply it hoping it does it’s job.


Mamonde Vital Cream (trial size): This product also contains bitter orange flower as well. The cream is like the water creams that I have tried, it’s not greasy or oily like some facial creams and it immediately absorbed into my skin with no residue, I like this cream very much.


And lastly of the Mamonde products is this sheet mask. This is a honeysuckle lifting mask instead of bitter orange. I have not tried this mask yet but I am sure it will be of good quality like the other products from Mamonde.



Healing Garden Tea Tree Cleansing Water by The Saem: The Saem is one of my favorite Korean companies and I actually recently ran out of my other cleansing water so this came at the perfect time. This works well and leaves my face clean and smelling fresh.


Hoengseong Honey Pack Facial Mask: I actually cannot seem to find any information about this mask except the price. I apologize about this.


Aqua Ringer Sheet Mask: I love this mask I used it last night and it’s really great. This is a 3 part facial mask. The first step is a foaming & peeling cleanser which worked very well on my skin it felt so soft after, next was the mask – this is a nice thicker mask and did not slip too much off of my face. The last step was the night cream which again was a really nice cream, it absorbed very quickly into my skin.


Choosy Lip mask: My daughter used this mask, she said it did slip off very easily but she was not really sitting still. But the end result was very soft lips she said that the super soft moisturized feeling was still there the next morning. She enjoyed this brand a lot. She uses lip masks 2 times a week and this is in her top 3.

Also included in our box were these adorable stickers and post-it notes. My younger daughter collects stickers and she loved these and one can never have too many post-its, so these were welcomed little surprises.

Another little gift was these adorble chopsticks. I know that some are used in the hair and I don’t know which these are used for but I put them in my daughter’s hair and they held up and looked so pretty.

Nicole’s Notes:

I am a sucker for any K-Beauty products and boxes, this box is wonderful, and one of the best I’ve have gotten. All these products are ones that I will use, even the non-beauty extras and the value of all these if purchased separately is $78 without the extras so I think its a good deal because this box was also shipped directly from Seoul so everything is authentic Korean Beauty. I am a big fan of this subscription and I am going to be subscribing to this box for my Korean beauty needs. If you would like to check out NY K-Beauty click the link below and you can add promo: NICOLEBOX1 for 10% off any orders. Thanks for reading our review.

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