BEBoxes Silver Sirens Subscription Box Review | September 2018

BEBoxes has two subscriptions; one is the Pass it on box that costs $14.99 for young girls ages 5-8. Each box contains items to share and to keep to teach them the values of friendship and generosity. The other subscription box is the Silver Sirens Box for $21.99 which is the box that we have received at no cost for review. These boxes are meant to capture the essence of the Hollywood stars of the silver screen. Each month they send a picture, a vintage jewelry item, some beauty products, and a delicious treat.

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Our Beautiful Lady of the Month is Hedy Lamarr. She was born in Austria in 1914 and was an American Actress who played in films such as, Samson and Delilah, Bombshell, Ecstasy, Ziegfeld Girl and so many more. A few fun facts about Hedy are that she acted out the first on-screen orgasm. Her bestie was Bette Davis, she married and divorced 6 times. She was the first woman to receive “The Oscar for Invention” and is known as the mother of wi-fi. Hedy Died in 2000 but she had an amazing life. This is a woman whom I had never heard of until I got this box and researched her and found out what an amazing women she was and was ahead of her time as far as acting and inventing.

Hedy Lamarr was known for always wearing very dark lipstick, in one interview she was asked if she could only have one makeup product which would it be? Her reply was my signature lipstick of course. We got a tube of Kleancolor Madly Matte Lipstick in a shade which is a very dark purple – almost black . I will not wear this shade so I did not swatch it, I donate the beauty items I won’t use to the women’s shelter in my area.

These vintage clip-on earrings scream 1940. They remind me very much of my grandmother’s jewelry box and all the women in her “Picture shows” wore jewelry just like this. These are in really great condition as well, there is very little discoloration on the back but not much whatsoever.

This has to be the tiniest rollerball perfume I have ever seen and the bottle is glass, I think it is so adorable. I am not sure what is inside this bottle but to me, it has a vintage fragrance smell to it and I think it’s lovely. I found quite a few articles online that said Hedy loved high-end expensive perfume. I applied this to my wrists in the morning and could still smell it at dinner time. I imagine I will use this entire bottle.

And for our treats, we got white chocolate covered truffles. These were so delicious they melted in my mouth, there was no brand name or any info to speak of but nevertheless, they were very tasty.

Nicole’s Notes:

We really liked the items that we received in this box and learning about Hedy Lamarr was great. She was a really important person and without her, we might not even have wi-fi. First off let me say that this subscription is quite new so I am sure they are working things out. My only gripe would be that there was not any information included in the box about any of the items. When food items are included in a box there should at least be allergy info or an ingredients list. All in all, I think this was a cute box and I adore the idea behind it. After ironing out the kinks this could be a really amazing informative subscription, learning about this wonderful lady was a real treat for me. As the mother of daughters I love being able to teach them about the women like this who paved the way for future women like us. If you are interested in checking out Silver Sirens or the Pass it on Box click the link below. Thanks for reading our review.

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