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The Magickal Earth Premium Subscription Box Review & Coupon | September 2018

This is a review of the Magickal Earth Premium Box that costs $49.99. I have reviewed the Magickal Earth Bath Box as well. This box, however, is quite different, it is curated along with that month’s astrological phase and your astrological sign. It can include crystals, tarot cards, gems, oils, soaps, and other products for emotional healing and well-being. Not a tree received this box at no cost for review purposes. Our box is curated for Aries in the phase of Libra which is Sept 22-Oct 22, 2018. We are so very excited to get into this box.

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I love the watercolor painted boxes, they are the prettiest subscription boxes that I have ever received.

First, we received an info card for the box as a whole and info cards about the crystals that are included in this months box. I love getting crystals in boxes but it is so much better when they include information about the crystals, it’s very helpful.

There is a little booklet about the phase of Libra, my sign, and other important information. When I get boxes like these I love reading all the info provided and learning new things about my sign and the astrological phases of the month.

Our Tarot Card this month is “XXI+The World” this card means an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before a next big cycle. This card is an indicator of change. I am hoping that this is a good change for us. We (my family) have so very much going on in life right now so this could mean so many different things for us, I may look into this a little more.

I love dream catchers and this one is so beautiful. It was handcrafted by an authentic Cherokee Artist. This was made with real leather and turquoise stones. The pictures really do not do it justice. It is by far the most beautiful of all the ones I have that are roughly the same size.

Next we have a Blue Smoke Quartz with Lithium, this stone is to help bring balance, peace, and harmony to sleep patterns while encouraging positive dreams.This stone is a really good size appx 1.5 inches long and I like how the bottom is flat so it sits wonderfully in my collection. This is also the first blue smoke quartz in my collection so I am very happy.

This Amazonite is probably one of the most beautiful crystals I have in my collection now, I love the raw beauty it has with the natural colors. It really is a beauty. This crystal helps to encourage inner reflection on oneself while helping to provide emotional courage.

When I first got my box It smelled wonderful and the smell was permeating from this amethyst and lavender sachet. This is a blend of lavender and chamomile and amethyst to promote dream interpretations. I have a tiny cauldron on my nightstand where this will go, I put all my blends like this in and I swap them out monthly.

Lastly, we received Dreamscape, an essential oil blend by Lotus Naturals. This is a blend of palo santo, cedarwood, patchouli and clove. This oil is supposed to help one remember their dreams while repelling nightmares. We are really excited to try this, I have somewhat lucid dreams occasionally so maybe I’ll have luck using this oil.

Nicole’s Notes:

I love this box and everything in it I was a huge fan of their bath box as well. I am seriously considering subscribing to this box I learned so much about myself, my sign, and the astrological phases. This is just a great all around box. Everything is packaged great as they send very fragile items and everything came in perfect condition. Curation is also perfect because each box is special for each person since they use the subscriber’s Astrological signs and tarot cards are drawn one by one for each individual as well. If you are interested in The Magickal Earth Subscription click the link below, don’t forget to add the code: NICOLE20 at checkout to save 20% off your first Box.

Magickal Earth Premium Box

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