Heart N Soul Spa Subscription Box Review and FREE Box Coupon | September 2018

Heart & Soul is a monthly bath and body subscription box that offers three boxes to chose from; the Sweet Treats Box is $30, Lemon Delight Box is $40, and The Spa Box is $30. Not a Tree was sent the Spa box at no cost for review purposes. These boxes include all natural bath and body products like bath bombs, body wash, lotions, scrubs, and so much more. Let’s get into this box, the smell is amazing!


Spa In A Box $30

Lavender Bath Salt: I am so excited that all this is lavender as that is my favorite smell ever. This bath salt melted fast in the tub and smelled amazing! I love to soak in salts like this because they help my muscles relax after running around with the kids all day. The lovely scent of lavender lingered on my skin for a good while after my bath.

Lavender Sugar Scrub: Like I’ve said before we go through a lot of scrubs in my house and this is the only lavender one I have at the moment so this one is just for me. I used this on the rough patches of my elbows and feet and it worked really well. I love how the sugar melts in the warm water so it’s okay for our septic and the environment.

I was so happy to see 2 bath bombs in this box! I have a 6 year old son who is obsessed so I was able to keep one for myself and give him the other. He used the heart-shaped pomegranate one last night and was over the moon, it smelled fresh and fruity and it fizzed for quite a while which my son loves. These were a huge hit, we adore bath bombs.

Tangerine Lip Scrub: This is a very thick and effective lip scrub. It tastes like orange kool-aid. My daughter loves lip scrubs and orange is her favorite flavor. I used it before applying my liquid lipstick and my lips were very soft and my lipstick went on easier and more even than it usually does. This is a great product we all like it very much.

Lavender Body Wash: I love everything about this body wash, it smells great, it left my skin soft and clean and look at this cute bottle. This body wash is made with all natural and organic ingredients like all of Heart N Soul’s products. I have very sensitive skin and I did not experience any irritation or any other issues from this wash so that is a huge plus for me.

Cucumber Facial Mask: This is a dry mask that you mix with water to make a paste and apply and then wash off. Being all-natural and organic this mask worked very well on my skin.  I was skeptical at first because all dry type masks like this almost always make me break out but this one did not. My face looked and felt great after using it. I will add this to my regular beauty regimen.

Nicole’s Notes:

I do a lot of reviews of bath and body boxes like this, this box really stood out for me because it was like it was curated just for my family. The fact that it contained so many lavender products and the lip scrub came in my daughters favorite flavor as well as product was perfect. And getting the 2 bath bombs for my son and I, it all just worked out so perfectly. Also being all natural, as you already know is a staple for my children as we have sensitive skin so having all these great products to choose from is wonderful. I highly recommend this subscription. Right now if you order a box you can add promo: NEWSUBSCRIPTION to get 10% off and their Halloween Box for FREE!!! How cool is that? Click the link below to get both your boxes also keep an eye out for our review of the Halloween Box.

Heart & Soul on Cratejoy

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