oceanista fall review

Oceanista Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | Fall 2018

oceanista fall review

Oceanista Subscription Box is a quarterly subscription for the woman that embodies the sea! Boxes include high end items that may include; skincare, fashion, jewelry and more. Each box also includes a featured artisan to give a spotlight to small business. Subscriptions have values of $175+ and Oceanista also has both a rewards and referral program. Subscriptions are $79.99 quarterly with reduced prices for longer subscriptions. Use code BEACHINASH for $5 OFF Your first box. Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first look inside the Oceanista Box for Fall (there are only 19 of these left as this writer writes said review).

fall oceanista box

Everything that we received in our Fall Oceanista Subscription Box. The theme is “Fall for Flamingos” and we couldn’t be more in love!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. One explains how to help clean up beaches for a free gift, one outlines the Sand Dollar Rewards program and the other lists each of the items that are included in our box.

Our Sand Dollar Rewards info.

Our list of items that were included.

And a cute little flamingo paper clip to keep them all together!


Evian Facial Mist


Something we are already addicted to! This mist is perfect for after workout and of course… while you are beach side! Not only does this facial spray re-hydrate skin it also lends it the perfect balance of minerals for gorgeous, supple, and soft skin.


Melissa 111 Harmonic Bow Flip Flop


This is a HIGH END item and it was also the spoiler for the season. These have a gorgeous bow that you can dress up or down however you desire. The craziest part, and the thing we weren’t aware of prior to receiving these is the fact that they’re fruit scented… for real guys!

We are so happy to have these and can’t wait to wear them!

The bow is a feminine and yes, flamingo-esque pale pink.

And they arrived in a bag with the Melissa name on it!


Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow Quad


This “Sweet Dreams” quad is a GREAT addition to this box. We love the freematic palettes because they allow you to swap out colors and add others easily and the formula is amazing!

Here are our four colors – 2 of which are shimmers and 2 of which are mattes. This also comes with a duel ended brush too.

Here they are swatched and we have to say they’re dreamy!


Crown 3 Piece Brush Trio


Probably the item that we are most excited about receiving is this set of 3 Crown brushes. They’re gorgeous in white and pink (keeping with that whole flamingo vibe) but they’re also super soft and ergonomic!

The largest of the three is great for setting your face.

The mid-size brush is great for contouring and shaping up the perimeter.

And the smallest of the three brushes is great for concealing the under eye area.


Featured Artisan Simon Andrew Designs Card Set


Our featured artisan for fall is Simon Andrews Designs who contributed this set of 3 note cards.

We have to say the VW Bus is our favorite and Simon’s style is so fun!

The flamino is the “piece de resistance” for obvious reasons but we have say that we love how his “scribblling” is so calculated. It gives these cards a great whimsical feeling.

Our final card is the Beach Huts. These definitely give us all those ocean vibes and the colors are so pretty and serene!


Flamingo Wet Bikini Bag with Hemp Rope Handle


This bag is so cute! It’s intended purpose is for wet bikinis, which is an awesome idea – we often need somewhere to put ours after a night at the pool but you could use this for a night out as well… it’s seriously that cute!

The inside has this white plastic liner that ensures nothing else gets wet!


Genuine Feather Crescent Necklace by Oceanista


Um, gorgeous much? A statement piece for sure – this necklace features a genuine feather crescent as well as an inner gold crescent. Super pretty and a great compliment to this box.

We were surprised with how sturdy the feathers were and the color is stunning when paired with the gold.

The length and style of the chain is our favorite part though! It adds a bit of extra drama and flair to this piece!


2 in 1 Flamingo Sarong / Scarf


The final item in the fall Oceanista Box is this sarong / scarf! The print is .. you guessed it, flamingos! And the colors are bold, bright and lively! There was a mint alternative in some boxes as well. The lightweight material could be paired with or against anything and still looks gorgeous!

I mean that print though… is it not the cutest?

And they even included a card that showed us how to tie a sarong – we can appreciate that!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrives beautifully and in absolutely perfect condition. Absolutely no complaints there!

Quality: We are impressed with all of the items included in this season’s box and we’ll definitely be using each of them. We are particularly fond of the eye shadow and the brush set though!

Curation: This seasons, “Fall for Flamingos” theme is excellently brought together with an assortment of beautiful and useful items that will bring a smile to any gals face!

Box Economy: For the cost of this box, $79.99 we received about $209 in products which is such an amazing deal!


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