a little touch of magick review

A Little Touch of Magick Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | September 2018

a little touch of magick review

A Little Touch of Magick is a monthly jewelry and short story subscription box that sends you an assortment of items based around a short story each month. Packages include an original short story as well as 5 or more items that bring that story to life. Subscriptions are $45.99 monthly. Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in little touch of magick

Our first glimpse inside the Little Touch of Magick Box

Everything that we received in our September Box. These items were sent from a time traveler – who’d seen the globe!


So what is all this stuff?

This month our story is basically told through old fashioned letter writing. These items were sent from Florence Dewitt who was given a special gift of a scarf and golden key from her father. To escape the war these items help Florence travel through time to distant lands like Japan and India!

We also get a list of each of the items included in our box as well as their retail values!


Pirate Ship Brooch


Because Florence sailed with the pirates she’s included this cool pirate ship brooch for us to wear. This is rather large and we love the little crystals!


Handmade Carnelian Elephant Earrings


In reading her letter Florence said that she got herself a pair of these gorgeous earrings (she was enamored with elephants while visiting India) and that she’d try to get us a pair as well. She made good with her promise as we have received these gorgeous earrings! Love the elephant and Carnelian is one of our absolute favorite stones!


Green Leaf Journal


Because she wanted us to record our own adventures Florence included a journal. This is gorgeous! It’s bound in a green vegan leather and embossed with leaves. The string that serves as a bookmark and a closure is made of faux suede and also has an antique brass leaf.

The pages are an antiqued brown color and the whole journal is just fabulous! A great inclusion in this box!


Buddha Card


Each Little Touch of Magick Box comes with a little blank card. This month there is a Buddha Card (from Florence’s stay in Japan).

We love that the inside mirrors the outside!


Brass Buddha Chimes


Next are these Buddha Chimes. These were included because along her way Florence stopped in the year 2012. She went to Srinagar, India and saw their floating post office. On the porch of said office was a set of beautiful wind chimes.

She included these for us to enjoy. We really love the way they tinkle.

These are probably the nicest chimes we own now!


Stationery Set


Of course, when you get a pen pal you’ll need a good set of stationery. Because Florence is from the early 1900’s she sent a very vintage looking set that is simply beautiful! We can’t wait to write her a letter!




Something Florence talks about in her letters is learning to use chopsticks in Japan. So, she’s included a set for us to learn with as well. These are quite pretty and we think we’ll do a great job, because we already know how to use them!



This key is part of what Florence uses to go through portals and was a gift from her father.


Fused Compass Necklace


This fused compass necklace is our absolute FAVORITE thing that was included in this box! It is stunning! The compass necklace is what Florence uses throughout her letters to travel back to her time. It does at the end fuse together and she can no longer use it but the shimmering remains remind her of their previous magic.

The chain has pretty little pods and the compass itself is beautiful and so reflective!


Carnelian and Onyx Bracelet


Because Florence wasn’t ready to stop traveling just yet she passed this “grounding” bracelet on to us and we will happily oblige. As we’ve said before we adore Carnelians and think this bracelet is truly something special!

Here it is on!


Lucky Buddha Temple Incense


These incense are included because of all Florence’s experience with Buddhism. We aren’t huge incense fans (but our Mom is so we’ll pass these on to her). They do smell good though we just aren’t big fans of the smoke.


Skeleton Key Scarf


The other item that Florence needed to travel through the portal was a skeleton key scarf. We received this white one with gold and silver keys on it (colors varied in different ALTOM Boxes). We love that it’s an infinity scarf and can be worn a variety of ways!

Here it is on, sorry it doesn’t really match our outfit!


So in summary

Presentation: This box is always so expertly packaged and beautifully wrapped (if you would like to see in detail check the unboxing) and everything always arrives perfectly!

Quality: We are always impressed with how nice each of the items included in this box is. This month our favorites are ALL of the jewelry and those beautiful chimes!

Curation: This month we had an interesting and fun mix of both periods and destinations and we think it came together quite nicely

Box Economy: For the price of this box $45.99 we received $180 in products which is an incredible deal!


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