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Starling Subscription Box Review | Fall 2018

The Starling ethical subscription box is full of artisan-made goods and products that help us to relax, enjoy and to discover the amazing people or businesses that made all the exceptional items included in the box. Each package comes with 7-8 full sized products. But this box is so much more, every single item that is in this box was made by a company that employs survivors of human and or sex trafficking or any other people that are at-risk. These programs and employers help these individuals by giving fair wage jobs, vocational training, and safe housing. These benefits also help to empower women to break the cycles of generational slavery. Starling box donates 100% of their profit to these organizations that are fighting human trafficking. Not a Tree Reviews was sent this box for review purposes and also to get more people aware of how easy it can be to help this ongoing horrific issue.

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Fall Box $54.95 quarterly

Red Thread Movement Bracelet: These bracelets are made bv Eternal Threads who have a mission to empower women and provide them with employment opportunities and the ability to provide for themselves and their families. They not only employ the survivors and other targeted women they give them the education, tools, and vocational training for greater security against would-be attackers and  the opportunity to gain independence and so much more. Wearing this bracelet signifies that you are a part of a movement to help fight against human trafficking. Eternal Threads and their partners helped save over 2,000 girls and woman from becoming a statistic and you can share this information when someone asks about the red bracelet you are wearing.

Apple Rose Beauty Skincare (sample trio): Apple Rose is an all natural, locally sourced, organic skincare. The Cayenne + Coconut Cleanser is lovely, it left my skin feeling clean, soft, and healthy. Tumeric and Aloe treatment is like a lotion which I love! My skin was left nourished and so soft, I am in love. And lastly the serum with hyaluronic acid & Vitamin C was lovely as well, some serums leave my skin somewhat sticky but this one soaked in almost instantly leaving my face ready for the moisturizer. Apple Rose was created after the founder saw first hand and met the women in the red light district of Thailand who were trapped in the sex slave and trafficking industry. She needed to help them so she created this company as a way to offer a fair employment opportunity that treats women with respect and Apple Rose also supports other organizations that rescue and rehab the survivors through donations.

Thistle Farms Healing Oil: Made from jojoba, sweet orange, and many other all natural oils to calm with it’s soothing aroma. Thistle Farms is based in Tennessee and are dedicated to helping and employing individuals that have survived and or escaped the sex trade industry, trafficking, and addiction. They have a residential program as well that provides safe housing for up to 2 years including education and healthcare all free of charge. Thistle Farms employs 59 survivors and has offered over 9,000 nights of safe housing and 14,000 hrs of counseling and therapy. Places like these are in dire need to help the ongoing threats of safety and virtue for the young women who are at-risk in the world.

Waterproof Tote by SHE Rescue Home: I love the quote on this bag, it sums up my life (or purse contents) at any given time. She Rescue Home is part of the It’s Not Okay Project which is an absolutely amazing organization that provides shelter and other much-needed amenities to survivors or at-risk women of human trafficking. By using this bag we are showing our support and letting people know that it is NOT OK for these girls to suffer abuse.

Choker from Purpose Jewelry: Purpose Jewelry is a branch of iSanctuary which houses survivors and gives them the tools they need to feel whole again and help realize they’re self-worth, which is usually the hardest to overcome after these women are rescued. This is such a cute little dainty choker. I like it very much, the light greyish beads go with pretty much anything. These were crafted by their new artisans as part of their Hope Line; it symbolizes new beginnings and the belief that everyone deserves freedom and respect.

Coffee from Rethreaded X Social Grounds Coffee: This is the perfect blend of robust bold but not bitter coffee. I pulled out my regular drip coffee maker just to try this coffee and I was very happy I did, it was really delicious. Quite a bit of work goes into making this coffee as well. First of all it’s grown and harvested in Rwanda by the survivors of the Rwandan Genocide and it is roasted locally by survivors of homelessness. Finally, it’s shipped, packed, and sold at Rethreaded headquarters in Jacksonville, Mississippi. The employees in Jacksonville are also survivors of the sex trafficking trade as well. The companies involved in making this coffee are helping so many survivors by giving them the chance to be employed, empowered, and the strength and stability they need to be independent and able to provide for themselves.

JOYN Bag: I love this bag It was 100% handmade by JOYN bags. Each one has a tag pictured above with the signatures of the artisans who took part in making it. I loved to see their actual handwritten names on the tag, it is a beautiful touch and made the item that more personal. The bag itself is very sturdy and well-made. I like the leather zipper pull and branding on the front, this is my new makeup bag to put in my purse.

Tea towel by Sewing New Futures

I get towels like these pretty often in boxes and I love them. Although I use them for my face because I like the texture and they are lint-free so to me they are perfect. This towel was made by Sewing New Futures in Northern India. They provide paid training in making and sewing textiles and also many other skills. The women they employ can work in a safe environment for a fair wage and also discover their creative skills. This is a non-profit organization so all the profit goes to medical care, career training, education and so much more for these survivors of trafficking.

Nicole’s Notes:

WOW! Where do I start? All the products that I received in this box were absolutely amazing and reading the stories of these women literally brought tears to my eyes. We often take things for granted and realizing what these women have to go through just to work a normal job and going through such strife is overwhelming to even imagine. All the items in this box were made by companies that employ these survivors. When people subscribe they get a box of beautiful unique items and the comfort of knowing that they helped these individuals keep jobs, learn a trade and so much else. Everything in my box was delivered in perfect condition and there was a lot of information on each item so for me, this is a five-star subscription. If you would like to subscribe to Starling Box click the link below and thank for reading our review.

Starling Box

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