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You Matter! Box Review & Coupon | September 2018

 You Matter! is a monthly subscription that sends uplifting and encouraging products to people struggling with feelings of depression, loneliness and even self-harm and suicide. You Matter! was developed by a practicing school counselor who noticed quite a few of the students were going through these issues. She developed this box as a way to help them overcome these feelings. They have 3 different subscriptions to choose from; the You Matter! Pack $15, You Matter! Box $35 and the You Matter! card $6. We are reviewing the September Box which was sent to us at no cost to review.

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“Love Saves Lives”

You Matter! Water Bottle: Stay hydrated while being reminded that You Matter!. School-age kids can look at this in school just to give them a little encouragement throughout the day.

Earbuds: These earbuds were included so the recipient can listen to uplifting music and block out any negativity or negative words that may be around.

Orange Lip Balm: The flavor orange is known to boost serotonin levels and make you happier which is great! Also, because my daughter loves anything orange.

You Matter Pin: This is a great little pin – my daughter chose to put this on her backpack so she can spread Good Vibes and let everyone who reads it know that they matter.

Semi-colon Popsocket

Semi-colon Popsocket: The semicolon means that your story is not over and can be changed. This started in 2013 aimed to present people suffering from mental illness or self-harm, depression and addiction with love and hope. My daughter suffers from anxiety and depression and she loved this popsocket so much.

The Evil Eye Bracelet: This comes with a little envelope perfect for gifting if you choose. This handmade bracelet is for protection from negativity and harm. A perfect item for this box, my daughter likes this quite a bit.

2 Encouragement cards – one to give and one to keep: The quote on the card is beautiful and can be so helpful, a lot of people live in fear of things and miss out on so much because of that. Maybe this little card can help someone get past those fears.

Also included is a self-help pamphlet with a ton of great info inside like ways to help if you are feeling down, self-care, and affirmation pages and exercises to do. My daughter read the entire thing and completed the gratitude exercise and she does not like reading at all, so that was a huge plus for me. I was excited to see her reading because she wanted to.


Nicole’s Notes:

I think that this is a lovely subscription box. My daughter thought every item was wonderful and she is part of the “target audience” that this box is geared toward. $35 a month for a mystery box of items that will help my daughter feel better on a bad day if even for a little while is so worth every penny and more. Every item was in perfect condition and we received this box very quickly. If you would like to check out You Matter! box for yourself or a loved one click the link below and add the code: YOUMATTERTONICOLE to receive 10% off of a subscription of at least 3 months.

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