pnw box review

The PNW Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | September 2018

pnw box review

The PNW Box is a monthly local subscription box for the Pacific Northwest area. It features handmade items by local artisans and vendors. Subscriptions are $24.95 and with code THEPNWBOX you’ll get a special discount at checkout. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in the pnw box

Our first glimpse inside the PNW Box.

what's in the pnw box

Everything that we received in our September PNW Box. There is a LOT in here and we have to say each box gets better!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. One lists each of the companies whose products were included and the other allows the subscriber to give a rating for each of the products!


Moni’s Natural Skincare Coconut Scrub


Probably our favorite item included in this box, a coconut scrub from Moni’s Naturals. This is Moni’s classic scent and the scrub works to exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

What we love is the smell. It smells honestly, good enough to eat!


Lotus Naturals Easy Breathin’ Inhaler

Perfect for the season of crisp cool air and back to school germs! This all natural decongestant will help you get through cold and flu season!


Bubblecakes Boutique Bath Bomb


Could fall get anymore dreamier? This “Fall Splendor” bath bomb reminds us of delicious pies and crisp leaves … we can’t wait to use it!

The package tells us how to use this and also that it’s cruelty and paraben free!


Gooding Graphics Decal


The perfect item for a Pacific Northwest pride box is a decal featuring both the state and something it’s known for, trees! We aren’t sure what we’re going to do with this yet but appreciate that it was included in the box.


Toby’s / Genesis Free Product Coupon


Get one free Toby’s or Genesis item (up to $6). This is the second coupon we have received in this box and are wondering if this is going to be a monthly thing! We’ve never heard of this brand but can’t wait to try it.


Green Gate Images Blank Card


This pretty Iris note card is a perfect addition to this fall themed box. The colors work perfectly into everything else and we will surely be using this to send someone a nice little message!


Bearded Oregon Portland Candle 


This Portland inspired candle from Bearded Oregon is infused with local tea leaves to refresh the skin. It smells amazing and the bar has 2 hemp seed wicks – for an optimum burning experience.


Coffee Fueled Mermaid Soap Bar

Next is a coffee infused bar of sample soap from Coffee Fueled Mermaid. The blue tail is Shea Butter which will nourish and the coffee helps to de-puff skin. This will look cute in your soap dish for sure!


DJK’s Jewelry Design Diffuser Necklace


This lava bead necklace is the perfect way to smell your favorite essential all day long and do it in style. We love the little stone that is added for an extra element too! The colors of this necklace scream fall to us!


Oregon’s Essentials Lip Balm


The final item in this month’s box is a Raw Honey Lip Balm from Oregon’s Essentials. Another perfect inclusion for a fall box – keep your lips nourished and soft despite the weather.


So in summary

Presentation: Each item in this box arrived perfectly.

Quality: We love that each of the items included in this box is handmade by local artisans. Their dedication to their craft shows in how nice each of these items is.

Curation: Perfect fall box! We love to see boxes grow and feel that is exactly what the PNW Box is doing!


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