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Heart & Soul Spooky Spa Subscription Box Review and FREE BOX Coupon | October 2018

Heart and Soul is a monthly bath and body subscription. They send wonderful smelling products like bath bombs, scrubs, soaps, and much more. This is our review of their Halloween Spooky Spa Box, we also did a review of their Monthly Subscription Box.  They have 3 different boxes to choose from; this Spooky Spa Box (or any of their spa boxes) are $30. Not a Tree was sent this box at no cost for review and we are very excited because we really enjoyed all the products we received last month. We’re still using some of them because they were all the full size  and don’t include samples.

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We Love these Spooky items!!

Pumpkin Foaming Hand Soap: This soap smells so good! Seriously, if I did not know it was soap I might taste it. This soap foams really well and got every trace of washable marker off of my hands and I could smell the delicious pumpkin scent for at least an hour after.

Sugar Scrub in Pumpkin & Spice: We love their sugar scrub and we love pumpkin scent so this is amazing. I’m sure all of us girls in the house will be fighting over this, luckily this is a good size jar so there will be plenty for us to share. We still have about a quarter of our lavender jar so I do not want to open this until the other one is gone.

Pumpkin Lip Balm: It is definitely lip balm season so we need countless tubes for the car, house, nightstand, purse, and other various places. So we have no issues with getting more especially when the flavor is…you guessed correctly, pumpkin! We are super happy with this.

Scary Face Pumpkin Bath Bomb: Let me say that the bath bomb we got in our last box made my entire bathroom smell wonderful and my skin was so soft. This is a pumpkin scented one and my youngest daughter already called dibs on this but lucky for the rest of us they sent more bath bombs so we all get to use one.

Moonlight Monster Eyeball Bath Bomb: This one smells so good and it looks like there will be several different colors fizzing in our bathtub. I think my son will love this one.

Two Skull Bath Bombs: These bath bombs came in two different scents. The blue is lavender and the purple is azurite sky. They both smell amazing and just like all of their bath bombs they are handmade with all-natural ingredients.

Last but certainly not least is this adorable Pumpkin Votive Candle. This little candle smells as good as it looks. I almost don’t want to burn it but I will cut like a half inch off the bottom to put in my wax warmer.

Nicole’s Notes:

I am a big fan of this subscription, all of their products are handmade with the best quality ingredients. This box was especially great because it is Halloween themed and we love all things spooky. The bath bombs are a favorite of the kids in my house so this box was a huge hit. If you sign up this month you can get this box free and 10% OFF your November box with the code: NEWSUBSCRIPTION

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