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ViCarryUs Subscription Box Review & Coupon | October 2018

ViCarryUs is a monthly travel subscription box that takes us to a new city each month. Best part is that you’ll never have to leave your home or responsibilities. They treat us with the tastes, the sights, and the culture of these new places. This month we are “going” to London, England. VicarryUs is $34.95 a month. Not a Tree was sent this box at no cost for review.

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VicarryUs October 2018 London, England

The first thing we will need to travel abroad is a passport. This passport is a little different though, it contains the information of all the items in this months box.

We like how they present everything like a passport.

This London postcard is so pretty, it pictures the London College at night; also seen is the “London Eye” which is Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel. Also pictured is Yummy Banana Toffee by Walkers. We found this toffee to be a little unusual, not bad at all just different. There was not any toffee flavor to me just the banana it was slightly overwhelming but not bad. I was hoping for a toffee or caramel flavor to go with the banana.

Crawfords Custard Creme Sandwich Cookies. These are delicious they are similar to the vanilla Oreos but nowhere near as sweet and the cookie part melts in your mouth. Perfect with tea I’m sure but I don’t drink tea so I dipped them in milk.

Two Famous Teas Teabags – one royal blend and one afternoon blend.

My husband tried the Royal Blend and he said it was very good he usually uses 2 tea bags but this was a richer flavor and he only used one and it was perfect.

Queen Elizabeth II Ornamental Spoon

This is a commemorative spoon by artist John Swannell. This gold-tone metal spoon has the iconic Picture of her majesty I am not a collector but I can respect the details and beauty of this piece and this will make a great gift for my Aunt who is a collector.

Royal Wedding Bell

This Royal Bell was to celebrate the marriage of Prince Henry to Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018. This bell can also be used to signify you high tea ceremony. But since we live in the states this makes a beautiful collectors piece, it is a very nicely detailed piece.

Our favorite item in this box is the super cute I Love London speaker pencil case. My son thinks this is just so darn amazing he immediately transferred his school pencils and such into to this and then explained to his entire class about London, England and where he got it. So this was a great way for me to educate him on another country.

50 British Pound replica currency which would be equal to $65.40 USD. My son also took this to show his class as well, so it was really great. We all learned quite a bit from these items. The currency bills are so pretty compared to our money in my opinion. Also a great addition to our London Box.

Tea Towel

I love tea towels, they are always so beautiful. This one is a “London Scene” and we received a red double-decker train that is a staple on the London streets. I love the artwork on this towel, it’s a quirky design and perfect addition to my tea towel collection that I unknowingly started thanks to subscription boxes.

Marmite Yeast Extract: This is a European delicacy, it a black, tasty, savory spread that is enjoyed on toast and bread. I have to be honest I did not like this at all, I guess I am used of things that are on the sweet side on my toast but maybe it is an acquired taste. It is very nutritious with vitamins, niacin and folic acid.

Nicole’s Notes:

We really enjoyed this subscription, we learned quite a bit about London like the things they eat, sights they see daily, what the currency looks like and so much more. This box has some fragile items in it and everything arrived to us in perfect condition. The boxes are curated wonderfully as well; we got to taste some London favorites and get souvenirs like we actually went, it was a great all-around box and experience. The kids learned so much and they shared with their classmates so the knowledge from just this one box touched many people. If you would like to subscribe to Vicarryus you can click the link below for 10% off of you box add the code: PROMO10 at checkout. Your first box will be the November Box and the clue for November is “You will be going to a city with history dating back to Roman times, sometimes called the Square Mile”


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