rutreat box review

Rutreat Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Exclusive Coupon | September 2018

rutreat box review

Rutreat is a monthly snack subscription box that features Russian treats and goodies. Each box sends pieces of candy that are not only delicious but also give you a bit of Russian history as well. Subscriptions are $34.90 monthly and with code NOTATREE you’ll get a special discount at checkout. If you want a one time box – you can opt for a welcome kit for $29.90. Boxes ship for FREE Worldwide! Not a Tree Reviews was sent this package at no cost for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in rutreat box

Our first glimpse inside the Rutreat Subscription Box. We are impressed with how beautifully this is packaged!

Everything that we received in our September Rutreat package. There is so much in here and there are some familiar names included as well! The theme is the 2018 FIFA World Cup that was hosted in Russia. There are lots of limited edition items included to commemorate the event!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert is a postcard but it’s important to note that there’s an entire digital magazine that explains what each of the items that’s included is! We love that!


Mini Snickers

A Snickers mini! This is something we’re familiar with and find it interesting to see the Russian interpretation!

While taking the photos for this review we were actively trying to keep the kids away… they couldn’t wait to eat all these goodies.


Mini Bounty Bar

This mini Bounty Bar is flavored with pineapple and coconut and was included as a little hint at what will be in October’s Box!


Spring Melody Black Tea from Greenfield

This tea is a blend of Indian Tea, Thyme and Peppermint for a unique bouquet of flavor. We love tea and getting tea from Russia is pretty boss!

While the front was in English there is writing in Russian on the back.


Sunflower Seed Snickers

First of all this is a King Size Snickers but the flavor is what we find most exciting… it’s a sunflower seed bar. Yes, you heard that right and we have to say that it’s AMAZING! It looks just like a normal Snickers on the inside but the nutty flavor of sunflower seeds gives it a beautifully creamy taste!

All the nutritional information is in Russian, guess the calories don’t count!



There were originally 2 of these FIFA World Cup 2018 toffee candies but we have to be honest and say that one of our kids stole one… no one will confess to the crime though!


Black Tea with Thyme

More tea! This tea is a mix of black tea as well as thyme. Because the abundance of herbs and berries in Russia it is very common to find tea mixed with either one or both!

Our digital magazine did include steeping instructions for both teas!


Explode in Your Mouth Lollipop

Another FIFA World Cup item, this orange lollipop fizzes in your mouth. The flavors were randomly selected for boxes – you could have received either orange or strawberry.


Justice League Jelly Belly’s

Next, we have some fun and fruity Jelly Belly’s! This is another familiar snack and it has a very familiar character on the package as well, Wonder Woman! These packages were also selected randomly – you could have received either Wonder Woman or Batman.


Kinder Surprise or Kinder Joy

We received one Kinder Joy Egg in our box (we are US based and Kinder Surprise Eggs are sadly banned here). If you live in any other country however, you will be receiving a Kinder Surprise you lucky duck!

If you aren’t familiar with these cute little eggs they come with both chocolate and toys!


FIFA World Cup Mints

Another limited edition World Cup 2018 item is this little package of mints. This was another item that came at random with 3 flavors available; green tea, peppermint and jasmine. We have to say that’s quite a nice step away from the traditional mints we use here in the US.


Fun Dip Style Candy

Another FIFA World Cup item and also a spin on the American Fun Dip. As you can see here the left side has the stick and the right side has the pouch of sugar candy. We received strawberry flavor but apple was also in some boxes.


Nougat Bar

The nougat bar that we received mixes peanuts and raspberries to create a sweet and creamy flavor. There was also a cranberry bar included in some Rutreat Boxes. We are happy with the one that we got though – this was definitely our box favorite!


FIFA 2018 World Cup Salted Peanuts

We love all these World Cup themed items! In this package we have some salted peanuts!


Rye Rusks

We haven’t tried these out yet because we’re waiting for our cheat day! These rusks are flavored with kholodets (aspic) and horseradish and come with their own dish of Heinz Mustard sauce which we thought was pretty cool (we kind of love mustard)!


Cranberries in Sugar Powder

These little balls are cranberries coated in sugar powder. This is a really big box and has at least over a 100 inside. These are a great mix of sweet and sour and are a traditional Russian sweet. There are only a few producers of this candy and Rutreat chose the finest one for this box!


FIFA 2018 World Cup Coca-Cola

This special 250 mL can will never be drunk in our house! We are definitely keeping this as one of the more special items we’ve gotten in our subscription boxes!

This is definitely a really great item to have and we are so excited it was sent to us!


So in summary

Presentation: We are really impressed with how well everything was packaged. We love the box and think this is by far the best subscription box that we’ve ever received from Russia.

Quality: It’s really neat to see familiar brand’s foreign counterparts. We feel like Rutreat did a really great job of rounding up a high quality selection of Russian treats and goodies!

Curation: This FIFA World Cup themed box delivered for sure! We couldn’t be happier with the items that we received!


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