tarot n tea review

Tarot n Tea Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | October 2018

tarot n tea review

Tarot n Tea is a monthly or quarterly subscription box that sends items that help you see your own future. They also curate other fun goods and edibles based on the subscription options they choose. Right now they offer; the Fateful Box which is $16.99, the quarterly Forecast Ritual Box which is $34.99, the quarterly Fortune Ritual Box which is $79.99 as well as an assortment of one time boxes. Not a Tree Reviews received this package for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first glimpse inside the Tarot n Tea Box. This is really well packed and everything arrived to us perfectly.

what's in the tarot n tea box

Everything that we received in our Tarot n Tea Box. We are absolutely LOVING this theme and how packed this subscription was with items. The theme for this box is, “Got Ghosts?” and they did a great job of pulling this all together.


So what is all this stuff?

This box came with lots of informational material.

The first is this pamphlet that lists each of the items that we received and directs us to their online magazine to instruct us on how to use each item.

There’s also a section that features that month’s artisans as well as special instructions where necessary.


This card has a fun Shel Silverstein quote on the front and the back has some information about imperfections and how we’re all inspired by each other…yet still original!


This card is extremely important because it guides us to our online reading session as well as the monthly magazine. This is probably the most important part of this subscription box.


The final inserts are the cards that came in the box. There were three in total. The first is a tarot card, the hermit.

One is a tea fortune.

And one is a tea oracle card.


Holiday Themed Tea Cookies

These 2 cookies are super cool. The first looks like part of a oujia board and the second has a fun design with a bat. Both are delicious with tea though, which is what matter to us!


Day of the Dead Oil Burner

To be used with the teas that you receive this burner will fragrance the air with a pleasant aroma. Use water or oil (and we attentive) in diffusing your different herbs. We are loving the sugar skull on this!

Inside is a well and this burner had it’s own candle.


Dem Bones Shop Sugar Cube Skulls

When it comes to pulling together the right items for a box, these sugar cubes are the best idea ever. Not only do they work into the theme, they also work into the box itself! We love these skull shaped sugar cubes!



We also received 3 different tea flavored candies to enjoy.

Ritual Candle

We received a massage candle which we were super excited about. Use this to lotion up yourself or the recipient of your next massage. This candle is a beautiful blend of grapefruit of bergamot that is invigorating and vibrant.


Skull & Crossbones Tea Infuser

Next we have a tea infuser made to look like a skull and crossbones. We love this style and think this is an excellent addition to this box.


Day of the Dead Teapot & Cup

Our absolute favorite item that was included in this box is this teapot and cup. You can take this with you anywhere and have convenient tea on the spot!

We love the details as well as the durability of both of these pieces.


Phantom Amethyst Sphere & Fall Wooden Token

The first item in this group is a wooden token of a cat and the second is a gorgeous amethyst sphere.

A phantom crystal is a crystal that has formed around another crystal. It’s hard to see here but it’s a fantastic stone.


Tea Bags

We received an assortment of tea bags for all of our new tea.



We received a plenitude of different teas in this box. Our first is this Justice Card Tea which is a blend of Puerh Tea, Cinnamon, Honeybush, Cocoa Nibs, Ground Chocolate, Safflower, and Chili Flakes

Then there’s the “Tower Tea” this is just green tea and has a light amount of caffeine.

Next is the, “Queen of Cups Tea” which contains just white tea. We love how each tea comes with a description!

The “Death Card Tea” is a blend of Rooibos, Organic Honeybush, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Safflower, and Organic Hibiscus


Next we have the “Nine of Pentacles” Tea. This is just Oolong tea and has a medium caffeine content.


The Six of Cups Tea came in a sample size and includes white tea as well as jasmine (which you guys know that we love).


Another sample size we received is “The Devil’s Tea” which is just Black Tea. Pretty fitting if you ask us.


The Six of Swords Tea is a blend of Red Rooibos, Freeze Dried Carrots, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Cloves

Our final tea this month is a larger size of the Devil’s Tea. We received a sample size version of this tea as well.


Tea Towel

Our second favorite item that was included in this box is this Day of the Dead Tea Towel. We love the colors and the sugar skulls. While this totally goes with our Halloween decor we’ll be using this baby all year round!


Die-t Spoon

Another perfectly themed item! Use this skull shaped spoon for either your tea or even to eat and use less! We love this shape and think we’ll be displaying this as a decorative piece!


So in summary

Presentation: We are extremely pleased with how well everything arrived to us and the excellence with which it was packaged!

Quality: We love that they include handmade items from different small vendors. And we think the items they include have great quality.

Curation: Each of the items that was included in this box serves it’s purpose and really does a great job of tying this subscription box together. Loved this box from Tarot n Tea and cant wait to see more!

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