pampered bather review

Pampered Bather Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | October 2018

pampered bather review

Pampered Bather is a monthly bath subscription box that sends both luxury soaps and bath bombs in fun and unique scents. Choose between their 2 box options; 4 bath bombs monthly or 2 bath bombs and 2 bars of soap. Each box costs $25 monthly with free shipping. Not a Tree Reviews received this box at no cost for review purposes.

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first glimpse inside pampered bather

Our first glimpse inside the Pampered Bather Box

Everything that we received in our Pampered Bather Box. We are so excited about each of these scents and y’all know how we love bath bombs!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert

The back has a subscriber only coupon code.


Lily Pad Bath Bomb


This bath bomb is made with a beautiful bouquet of violets and wild jasmine with some herbal undertones. We have actually already used this bath bomb and love the colors as well as it’s lasting ability. This was active for about 2 minutes!


Walk in the Orchard Bath Bomb


The second bath bomb that we received in this subscription box is, “Walk in the Orchard”. Full of the scent of pumpkin, spice and notes of apple. We love the color of this one and think it matches the season perfectly. Can’t wait to use it!


Green Thumb Soap Bar


We absolutely love the way the bars of soap are packaged in butcher paper! Each of the ingredients is listed as well as the size of the soap and the fact that it’s cruelty free.

This beautiful green bar is infused with the scents of fresh crisp apples and roses. Also includes bits of rose petals!


Charmer Soap Bar


Our final item in this box is the soap bar, “Charmer”. This is the bar we were most excited about. Not only is it GORGEOUS, it’s also full of delicious scents like; fruits and berries, herbal and tea notes. We’ll definitely be putting this on display in our guest bath.


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us in perfect condition in our Pampered Bather Box

Quality: We love the colors and scents that are incorporated into each of these items!

Curation: We love that you as a subscriber can choose whether you’d like to have 4 bath bombs or 2 soap bars and 2 bath bombs. Great subscription for people that love hot baths!

Subscribe to Pampered Bather



Great for those that love hot baths! $25


Pampered Bather Box is a monthly box of either 4 bath bombs or 2 bath bombs and 2 soap bars in fun and unique scents.

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