Karma Scents Incense Subscription Box Review | October 2018

Karma Scents Subscription Box is an authentic incense subscription. All the incense that they send are hand rolled in India by Artisans. Karma Scents has 3 tiers of boxes to choose from there is one for $19.99, $29.99 & $49.99. Not a tree received this box at no cost for review. We were sent the large $49.99 box, this box contains so many incense and holders it would be good for a yoga studio or to use for individual gifts maybe. We were so excited when this huge box came in the mail and absolutely could not believe how much was inside. Let us show you!

Charka Incense: These tubes each have 30 sticks and a wooden holder. We got Eucalyptus and Ylang Ylang.

These tubes are by Scents of Harmony and have the same 30 sticks and holders but we received Vanilla Berries and Woody sage & sea salt scents. The vanilla one smells amazing and is one of my favorites.

These packages are by Karma Scents and include 40 sticks. They come with the gorgeous bejeweled holders on the front. These would make great Xmas gifts or stocking stuffers. Lavender and Super Hit are the scents we received.

This 40 pack has a pretty floral silver holder and the Rose Geranium scent surprised me very much, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

The cute little button up bag has 30 energizing scented sticks and a holder. This is another perfect gift item.

This piece is lovely, it has cone and stick type incense with a holder to accommodate both. They all fit beautifully in this glass front wooden box.

Karma Scents Tower

This tower is my favorite item in the box. I love it, it’s such a pretty addition and came with 30 vanilla sticks. When an incense is burned inside the smoke comes out the engraved holes.

Esscents Home Incense Packs: These have 30 sticks each with a cute silver flower holder. These scents are Jasmine Tea and morning blossom.

These are by the same Esscents Home but are cone type and they also come with the flower holders however, they’re in gold. Sandalwood spice is my all time favorite scent, we also got Ocean Breeze.  Both scents smell amazing.

30 Vanilla cones with a beautiful wood burned holder. These are also by Scents of Harmony.

This holder is so very beautiful and would look pretty on a dresser or table in a living room. This is one of the prettiest holders like this that I have ever seen, we love the blue color.

Last but certainly not least are these 2 adorable chest style wooden cone holders. These both came with 10 cones and they look so cool when the smoke is coming out of all the holes. I was grateful to have gotten 2 because my daughters would have fought if they were only 1.

Nicole’s Notes:

We think that this is an amazing subscription if you like to burn incense or know a few people who do. This is perfect to use for individual presents. If you have ever bought incense from a regular store or like a dollar store you know that they pretty much all smell the same, these, however, all smell like they are supposed to smell and I really enjoy being able to distinguish the different scents. These are by far the BEST smelling incense that I have ever burned, even my husband who does not like any incense actually doesn’t mind these. So for me, that is a big deal because I love them. If you would like to fill your home with the calming smell of sandalwood or any other lovely incense scent click the link below and check out Karma Scents.


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