teapsy subscription review

Teapsy Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | October 2018

teapsy subscription review

The Teapsy Subscription Box is a monthly package of flavors as well as other goodies from 2peasinapothecary. Packages include a sponsored tea, a spice as well as an accessory and / or a yummy treat. Upon subscribing you’ll receive an email that helps 2peasinapothecary curate the perfect flavors for your palette. Subscriptions are $10 monthly or buy a one time box of $20. Free shipping within the US with an $8 international shipping fee. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in teapsy

Our first glimpse inside the Teapsy Subscription Box

what's in the teapsy box

Everything that we received in our Teapsy Box for October. This is a super cute mix of items (and it’s just $10)!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This explains the Teapsy Subscription.

And this insert details each of the items that’s included.


Snuggle Socks

The first item in our October Box are these soft and snuggly socks! We love wearing these around the house and think this color combo is super cute. These even have the little pads on the bottom that make them skid proof.


Ginger Root Powder

Essentially this is just ground ginger – which we love and has so many different medicinal health benefits! We particularly like using this as an added flavor on lemon pepper chicken! We received a 1 ounce package which has LOTS in it!


Self Harvest Seed Box

This cute little box is an awesome idea. Basically you build the box and then put the little slips of paper inside. Each week you take out one of the papers for an instant boost of confidence – each slip has positive messages and affirmations on them!



This magnetic bookmark is a great addition to your next page turner. The colors are fun and bright and what’s more, you won’t be dog earring your pages anymore! We like the magnetic bookmarks because they are harder for the kids to take out of our books than the paper ones!


Metal Sticker

Dress anything up with this fun metal sticker. We have honestly never seen anything quite like this before but think it’s super cute for all sorts of things, we currently have this on our laptop to remind us that sunny days are never too far away!


Stash Tea

October’s featured tea is from Stash and is Sunny Orange Ginger flavored (you see the pattern?) This is caffeine free and would be great for a snuggly night by the fire in your new socks, reading a book with your new bookmark! We’ve tried plenty of Stash Teas but never this one! They were really generous too, giving us 10 bags!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly in our Teapsy Subscription Box

Quality: We love the quality of both the tea and the ginger root powder – both are very nice! For the price we think this is a really nice way to treat yourself!

Curation: We feel like this box had a theme and came together nicely. We also think ginger is the perfect flavor for this time of the year.


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Teapsy Subscription Box $10


For the price (monthly just $10) this fun package for foodies cannot be beat! We love the price and that it includes both a tea and a spice each month. The other little extras are great as well!

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