teen vogue rag bag review

Teen Vogue Rag Bag Review | November 2018

The Rag Bag by Teen Vogue is a limited Edition period bad for teens. This is one off order, it is not a recurring subscription but $24.99 will get you a bunch of cool period items from a cup to pubic hair oil. Not a tree was sent this bag at no cost for review purposes so let’s check it out.

This is everything that comes in the bag and the retail value.


Knixteen Period Panties: These are something my daughter was dying to try. They have a panty liner built in that can soak up as much as 2 tampons. They are washable and obviously reusable. Made with Lycra these are super comfy, my daughter loves these. They also come with a waterproof Ziploc bag to store them in if you have to change when you are out and about.


3 all natural organic tampons by This is L: These are made without scent, rayon, chlorine or bleaching and the applicator is BPA free.


FUR Oil: This is a vegan body oil with jojoba, grapeseed, tea tree, and a few other organic ingredients. This oil is used to help prevent ingrown hairs and nourish skin. It comes with a dropper to make applying it easy and hygienic.

$52 (full-size)

This is a deluxe sample size of pure peace clarifying serum by Amareta. This serum works great for period acne and other breakouts. This is good for all skin types as well. We are loving this before our monthly comes, it helped calm a few up and coming pimples.


HUM is a product I have been dying to get my daughter to try, she suffers from anxiety and during her period it is sometimes unmanageable. We have not tried this yet but we are hoping for a good experience. It claims to help with stress during this time and is all natural and vegan so we have high hopes.


Rael Organic Liners: There are 20 regular size liners in this pack. We have tried these before and we like them very much for super light days or heavy days to wear with a tampon. We have not had any issues at all with the Rael brand this is one of our favorite organic pads.


Rael Beauty Lab Tea Tree Fresh Forward Sheet Mask: This is another product that we have not tried yet but this is to help with period breakouts or any acne really. This mask has great reviews by women so we are excited to try it but waiting until we “need” it.

Free Gift??
I apologize for this picture my 12 yr old daughter was helping me. These 2 pins are adorable, one says “Anything you can do I can do Bleeding” the other says “Feelings” in a drippy blood font. Yup, I love these.


Lastly, we have a lunette menstrual cup. These reusable cups are used instead of a tampon. They are a very soft latex that can conform to your body easily. These can be worn for up to 12 hours. I myself have not tried them but my close friend says that they are a little hard to master but once you do that they are amazing, she will never go back to using tampons now. I like that there are also no chemicals for our bodies to absorb. They come in 2 sizes- the yellow which we got I think is equal to a regular size tampon.

Nicole’s Notes:

We thought that this was a really great way for teens to be able to try out a bunch of different period products and see which one works the best for them. They also put in some really practical items that help battle the other symptoms that come with our periods and everything came in a waterproof Baggu brand bag. This bag is still available but they no longer have the adult size knixx in stock. If you want to check out this bag click the link below.

Teen Vogue Rag Bag

Teen Vogue Rag Bag $24.99


Great selection and variety for just $24.99. We love that they offer organic and cruelty free items in this package. This is a limited edition offering and is not a recurring monthly subscription.

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