scentsy whiff box review

Blessed by Wax Scentsy Whiff Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | September 2018

scentsy whiff box review

Scentsy Whiff Box is a monthly subscription box sent out by Scentsy Consultants. Each package contains 5-8 themed full and sample sized products each month. Subscriptions are $30 monthly. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first glimpse inside the September Whiff Box. This box has a “Clue” theme!

They really go all out with the packaging. This was the outside wrapping and the key is a bottle opener.

what's in the scentsy whiff box

Here’s everything that we received in our Clue themed Whiff Box. There’s lots of items in here!


So what is all this stuff?

Part of our box inserts were Scentsy Fall / Winter 2018 Catalogs.

Also our monthly theme card.

And our sheet that helps us figure out the culprit!


Butter Pecan Wax Sample

First up in our Whiff Box is a butter pecan wax sample in the shape of… you guessed it… a dagger. This smells sweet and delicious!



Just another sweet little addition (see what we did there) in this box are these candies! We received six in total!


French Lavender Room Spray


We have always loved Scentsy’s Room Sprays. They come in a variety of scents but we love that they sent lavender… it’s a crowd pleaser and everyone in our house likes it!


Vanilla Bean Buttercream Hand Soap


This will be the first time we’ve ever tried any of their hand soaps but we are loving both the size and the shape of this bottle! We’ll be using this in our downstairs guest bathroom!


Plum & White Woods Bar


We received 2 wax bars in this month’s box. The first is Plum & White Woods, a delicate mixture of sweet raspberry preserves, damsom plum and vanilla orchid! This is really nice and will be beautiful during our snuggly fall months!

These packages make it really easy to break off a piece for warming.


Scarlet Woods


Are you noticing a pattern with the bars? Both have names of the suspects in Clue! Our second and final bar that was included in this box is Scarlet Woods, a deep and inviting blend of cassis, redberry and white cedar.



To write down each of our clues we received a Scentsy Pen!


Mystery Man Car Bar


A nice and even smelling scent. This is a blend of warm white cedar, green verbena as well as bergamot. Usually our husband nixes any in car air fresheners but surprisingly he really liked this one! It’s a keeper!


Clue Items

In addition to all these amazing smelling items we also received a bunch of fun items that contributed to the Clue theme of this subscription box!


So in summary

Presentation: We love the way this box was packaged and think there was a lot of thought that went into the theme and the presentation!

Quality: We love the Scentsy line of fragrances and think they do a great job of including an assortment of their full sized items.

Curation: We love that they included names like; scarlet and plum and even mystery man to make the theme of this box even more cohesive. All in all we think this box came together really well.

Box Economy: For the price of this box $30 we received well over $32 in products!


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Scentsy Whiff Box by Blessed by Wax $30


This is a great box for Scentsy lovers! This box is worth more than the price and includes both full sized and sample sized products. The themes are really cute and while you are limited to just Scentsy items we think both fans and newcomers to the Scentsy game will love this subscription.

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